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                        The H.P.  Fire Services were provincialised in 1972. Prior to this the Fire Services in the State functioned under the control of various Municipal Committees/ Corporation. During the succeeding years, new Fire Stations, Sub-Fire Stations and Fire Posts were opened in the developing townships. The Himachal Fire Fighting Services Act was enacted in the year 1984 and amended in 2000. The Fire Service uniform rules were notified in the year,2005.

Organization :

                          The Fire Services Department in Himachal Pradesh is headed by the Director, Fire Services who is assisted by a Chief Fire Officer posted in the Directorate located at Shimla. The Directorate also has a Fire Prevention Wing under a Fire Prevention Officer. This Wing is responsible for suggesting fire prevention and protection measures. Each Fire Station/Sub-Fire Station is headed by the Station Fire Officer/Sub-Fire Officer and each Fire Post is headed by a Leading Fireman under overall supervision of a Divisional Fire Officer or Commandant Home Guards of the respective District.  The following 1 Fire Training Centre, 22 Fire Stations 03 Sub-Fire Stations and 44 Fire Posts have been established in the State.

   Sr. No.  State Fire Training Centre

1.            Baldeyan, Distt Shimla

             Name of Fire Stations/ Sub-Fire Stations

1.            Reckong Peo

2.            Rampur

3.            Rohru

4.            Mall Road Shimla

5.            Chhota Shimla

6.            Tilaknagar (Shimla)

7.            Nahan

8.            Paonta Sahib

9.            Bilaspur

10.          Jhandutta(Sub-Fire Station)

11.          Mandi

12.          Gohar(Sub-Fire Station)

13.          Kullu

14.          Manali

15.          Chamba

16.          Dharamshala

17.          Palampur

18.          Kangra

19.          Hamirpur

20.          Solan

21.          Parwanoo

22.          Nalagarh

23.          Baddi

24.          Una

25.          Bangana(Sub-Fire Station)

            Name of Fire Posts

1.           Theog   

2.           Amb.

3.           Keylong

4.           Sujanpur

5.           Jawalamukhi

6.           Nurpur

7.           Jogindernagar

8.           Banikhet

9.           Shree Naina Devi ji

10.         Largi

11.         Kala Amb

12.         Sunni

13.         Ghumarwin

14.         Sarkaghat

15.         Baijnath

16.         Jaisinghpur

17.         Jawali

18.         Nagrota Bagwan

19.         Churah

20.         Kharamukh

21.         Tahliwal

22.         Arki

23.         Chopal

24.         Kumarsain

25.         Anni

26.         Kotkhai

27.         Karsog

28.         Dehra

29.         Fatahpur

30.         Bijhari

31.         Banalagi

32.         Thunag

33.         Shillai

34.         Banjar

35.         Kwar

36.        Salooni
37.         Dada Siba

38.         Jubbal

39.         Patlikuhal

40.         Sansarpur Terrece

41.         Paddar

42.         Tikker

43.         Sangla

44.         Bhavanagar


 Duties & Responsibilities:

 (i)  Director, Fire Services.--The Director, Fire Services, Himachal Pradesh is the appointing and disciplinary authority for all Class-III & IV employees of the Department. He is also the controlling authority for budget under various heads for H.P. Fire Services Department. As per Section 5(1) of Himachal Pradesh Fire Fighting Services Act,1984,  the superintendence and control of the Service is vested in him.

(ii)   Chief Fire Officer.--The Chief Fire Officer, Himachal Pradesh assists the Director, Fire Services in technical and administrative matters pertaining to Fire Services in the State.

(iii)   Divisional Fire Officer/Fire Prevention Officer.-- One Divisional Fire Officer is posted each at Fire Division, Shimla and Fire Training Centre, Baldeyan. They are responsible for Administrative and Operational control of Fire Stations/Fire Posts and Training Centre under their jurisdiction. One Fire Prevention Officer is posted in the Directorate who is responsible for suggesting Fire Prevention Measures in order to safeguard public property against fire.

(iv) Station Fire Officer/Sub-Fire Officer/Leading Fireman.--Station Fire Officer/Sub-Fire Officer/Leading Fireman posted in the respective Fire Stations/Sub-Fire Stations/Fire Posts are responsible for efficient functioning of the Fire Stations/Sub-Fire Stations/Fire Posts. They are responsible for overall supervision of the Fire Stations/Sub Fire Stations/Fire Posts, for attending operational duties and upkeep of fire fighting equipment from time to time. They report to Commandant Home Guards and Divisional Fire Officer of the District in which the Fire Stations/Sub- Fire Stations/Fire Posts are located.

4.          Role :

        The primary role of the department is to protect life and property from fire and other calamities. The other  responsibilities inter alia are as under:-

·       Issue of fire safety guidelines.

·       Issue of  ‘No Objection Certificate’ for fire safety.

·      Fire safety arrangements during public functions.

·       Issue of Fire Reports.

·       Organizing fire safety lectures/demonstrations/training/awareness programme in support of Disaster Management in the State.


            The Fire Stations/Sub-Fire Stations/ Fire Posts work round the clock as far as the operational duties are concerned.