Procedure followed in decision-making process including channels of supervision and accountability

Last Updated On: 04/02/2014

Decision Making Process 



There is a hierarchy of officers and officials in the Transport Department to accomplish the activities. In the field, Department has a functionary at the district level. They are responsible to get the policies/rules implemented at the grass root level. They work under the overall control of Director Transport. The hierarchy of Officers is shown in the Organizational Structure. The Regional Transport Officer at district level and Assistant Regional Transport Officers at barriers work with complete cohesiveness and all officers are collectively responsible and accountable for their performance unless there is a lapse for which an individual could be solely held accountable. Periodic inspections are conducted by the Supervisory Officers to have effective control.

As regards the decision making process, every case is subject to scrutiny at different levels. It is only after thorough examination of each and every case the decision is taken by the authority prescribed in the Act or Rules.