Diplomatic Vehicles

Last Updated On: 09/02/2014
Section 42 MVAct

Special provision for registration of motor vehicles of diplomatic officers, etc.

(1)   Where an application for registration of a motor vehicle is made under sub-section (1)of section 41 by or on behalf of any diplomatic officer or consular officer, then not withstanding anything contained in sub-section (3) or sub-section (6) of that section , the registering authority shall register the vehicle in such manner and in accordance with such procedure as may be provided by rules made in this behalf by the Central Government under sub-section (3) and shall assign to the vehicle for display there on a special registration mark in accordance with the provisions contained in those rules and shall issue a certificate (here after in this section referred to as the certificate of registration) that the vehicle has been registered under this section; and any vehicle so registered shall not, so long as it remains the property of any diplomatic officer or consular officer, require to be registered other wise under this Act.

NOTE: See Central Rules 76 to 80.

(2)   If any vehicle registered under this section cases to be the property of any diplomatic officer or consular officer, the certificate of registration issued under this section shall also cease to be effective, and the provisions of sections 39 and 40 shall there upon apply

(3)   The Central government may make rules for the registration of motor vehicles belonging to diplomatic officers and consular officers regarding the procedure to be followed by the registering authority for registering such vehicles, the form in which the certificates of registration of such vehicles are to be issued , the manner in which such certificates of registration are to be sent to the owners of the vehicles and the special registration marks to be assigned to such vehicles.

(4)    For purposes of this section, "diplomatic officer" or "consular officer" means any person who is recognized as such by the Central Government and if any question arises as to whether a person is or is not such as officer, the decision of the Central Government there on shall be final.