September, 2017

Last Updated On: 13/11/2017

GPS Baryogi

GPS Reshan

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Seraj-I, Mandi

The school uses TLM properly, increased enrolment from 26 to 43.The classroom ambience and Library is beautifully decorated.Students are actively engaged in Science practical learning with the help of TLM. Efforts of Sh. Daleep Singh have been appreciated in particular.

GHS Bari

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Sundernagar-I, Mandi

Govt. High School Bari worked with all the teachers and students in collaboration with block office and provided a stage to the students. Now,  students of this school are fluent and participative. Efforts of Ms Divya Negi and Sh Tilak Raj has been appreciated in particular. 

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Seraj-I, Mandi

The School has developed teaching learning material from local resources. Classroom ambiance and achievement level of the students is very good.Efforts of Sh. Mahender Kumar have been appreciated in particular.

GHS Dharja

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Kandaghat, Solan

The school uses TLM properly for teaching, audio visual aids also developed scientific attitude among students. Students are inspired in the class room for best learning with conceptual clarity with the help of TLM. Efforts of Miss Mamta Sharma have been appreciated in particular.