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The Right  to Information Act, 2005 – Point-wise information sought by the Department of Administrative Reforms as per Section 4 (1) of the Act.










Particulars of Organization, Functions and Duties.


The State of Himachal Pradesh may not have contributed much in the overall scenario of games and sports in the country and internationally but over the last few years many of its sports-persons have given outstanding performances in the field. Sports persons of this State have also excelled themselves individually in various team-games. The main objective of the Department of Youth Services & Sports is to involve youth of the Pradesh in sports and youth activities.


                   Head of Department


 The Director, Youth Services & Sports, H.P.




       State level

1.   Joint Director(Sports),H.P.

2.   Dy. Director, Youth Services & Sports, HP.

3.   Dy. Director, Indira Gandhi State Sports Complex, Shimla, H. P.

4.   Superintendent GR-I.


District level

1.   District Youth Services & Sports Officer.

2.   Youth Organizer.


Functions and duties:


1.   To frame policies, plans and programmes in furtherance of our aims.

2.   To provide support, assistance, advice and facilitation within the framework of policies and programmes.

3.   To encourage and to create conditions that enable an expansion of the youth resource skills required for technological advancement in youth & sports activities.

4.   To create sports infrastructure in the State with the help of Government of India

5.   To provide self-employment opportunities to the un-employed youth of the state in Agriculture, Horticulture    and Dairy development programmes.

6.   To release grant-in-aid to State Sports Associations to run their activities at Distt./State/National level competitions.

7.   Grant-in-aid to Youth Clubs to run their youth activities.

8.   Grant-in-aid to District Sports Councils/ District Youth Boards.


Powers and Duties of its officers and employees

All officers and employees perform their duties and exercise powers in accordance with the delegations made by the Government in general with regard to duties and responsibilities common in nature and being performed in all the Departments. For the purpose, delegation of powers as made under different set of rules viz. H.P.F.R., F.R., S. R. CCS(CCA) Rules and Conduct Rules can be referred to.


The Director, Youth Services & Sports, H.P.:


i)          Head of the Department.

ii)         Controlling officer of Demand No. 30 & 31 pertaining to the department ofYouth Services & Sports.

iii)        Secretary, H.P. State Sports Council/ H.P. State Youth Board.

iv)        To hold meetings with the State level Sports Associations/departmental meeting with the Distt. Youth Services & Sports Officers/HP State Sports Council/Board.

v)     Inspection of ongoing/new works/ projects/schemes.




Joint Director (Sports):


           To assist the Director, Youth Services & Sports, H.P. in relation to general administration, formulation of Annual Plan budget, coordination with district level departmental officers and responsible for implementation of schemes for sports/ youth activities in the State.


Deputy Director, Youth Services & Sports(HQ)

i)          Head of Office.

ii)         To assist the Director, Youth Services & Sports, H.P. in relation to general administration, formulation of Annual Plan budget, coordination with district level departmental officers and responsible for implementation of schemes for sports/ youth activities in the State.

iii)        Controlling Officer for TA/DA, MR and other allowances/claims of staff working under his/her control.

iv)        To conduct meetings/review meetings with the officers of implementing departmental sports/youth activities.

v)         The controlling officer of departmental vehicles.

vi)        Executive Member, H.P. Sports Complex Management Society.


Deputy Director, Indira Gandhi State Sports Complex, Shimla.


i)          To control overall sports activities being run in the indoor complex.

ii)         Controlling officer for TA/DA, MR Pay and other allowances of the employees working under his control.

iii)        Member Secretary, H.P. Sports Complex Management Society.


Superintendent Gr-I


i)          To supervise all the works relating to administrative office  under overall supervision of Superintendent Gr-I.

ii)         Deputing all Class-IV and Class-III on duties including Drivers and checking up their day-to-day functions.

iii)        To ensure all the dealing hands and diarist for maintaining all required registers and keep the same updated.

iv)        To keep careful watch on the movement of dak and files between office and higher authorities.

v)         To ensure timely submission of time bound cases/court cases.

vi)        To ensure that all manuals, Rules, Instructions, Guard files and Precedent Registers of the office are kept upto date.




Personal Assistant:


To assist the Director, Youth Services & Sports on the following works:


i)          Maintaining the day to day meeting index.

ii)         To attend telephone calls of officer


iii)        Dictation and typing work.

iv)        Other duties assigned by the officer



Senior Assistant:


i)          Opening and maintenance of files referencing, deal the cases including noting and drafting, recording of files, maintenance and updating of various types of data and maintenance of various registers.

ii)         Establishment matters including recruitment and promotion rules, maintenance of service books, service record, preparation of leave account, pension papers, disciplinary matters and personal files etc.

iii)        Fixation of Pay of all categories, including technical staff, posting, transfer, finalization of seniority and cases of ACP, Court cases and other miscellaneous matters.


Jr. Assistant/Clerk:


i)          Maintaining casual leave account of employees working in the office.

ii)         Works as storekeeper, dispatcher, diarist, typist.

iii)        Dealing assistant of works assigned.



Jr. Scale Stenographer:



i)          Maintaining the day to day meeting index.

ii)         To attend telephone calls of officer in-charge.

iii)        Dictation and typing work.

iv)        Other duties assigned by the officer in-charge.

District Youth Services & Sports Officer:


i)          Responsible for all sports and youth activities in the concerned district.

ii)         Head of office and controlling officer of employees working under his control.

iii)        Executive Member, H.P. Sports Complex Management Society.

Youth Organizer:

 Responsible to conduct all departmental youth activities in the concerned district.


Coach/Junior Coach


Responsible to conduct all departmental sports activities, imparting coaching to sports persons.



Procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervisions and accountability.

There is a hierarchy of officers and officials to accomplish the activities. The department has a functionary at the district level, namely District Youth Services & Sports Officers. They are responsible to get the policies and programes implemented at the grass root level. They work under the overall control of Director, Youth Services & Sports, Himachal Pradesh.


The District Youth Services & Sports Officers work with complete cohesiveness and all officers are collectively responsible and accountable for their performance unless there is a lapse for which individual could be solely held accountable. Periodic inspections are conducted by the Supervisory Officers to have effective control.

As regard the decision making process, every case is subject to scrutiny ad different levels, it is only after through examination of each and every case a decision is taken by the authority prescribed in the relevant act of rules.


Norms set by the Department for the discharge of its functions:

Different functions of the department at various levels are performed in accordance with the policies and as per delegation of powers made by the department.


A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control

Case relating to act pertaining to Sports & Youth activities and Sports infrastructure etc.


The particulars of any arrangements that exists for consultation with or representation by the members of public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof.

Two bodies at State level viz. H.P. Sports Council and H.P. State Youth Board has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Himachal Pradesh consisting of official/non-official members to run sports and youth activities in a smooth and effective manner.


Statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice and as to whether meeting of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public;

The meetings of H.P. Sports Council/H.P.

State Youth Board are held at State level. The official/non-official members of the above bodies are only authorize to attend the meeting but the proceedings of the meetings is accessible to the public if required for office use.


Directory of its officers and employees.

As per Annexure  “A”




The monthly remuneration received

As per Annexure “B”


Budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditure and records on disbursements made;

As per Annexure “C”


The manner of execution of subsidy programmes including the amount allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes;

The department of Youth Services and Sports does not implement such programmes involving subsidy.


Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted by it;

No such concessions/permits are provided to the officials of the Youth Services & Sports department.


Details in respect of the information available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form;

Information of public interest has been provided in the web-site of the department.


The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information including the working of a library or reading room, if maintained for public

The public can have information from the field offices of the department or from the Directorate. The information of common-interest can also be taken from the web-site of the department under the official web-site of the state government which is being updated.


The names, designations and other particulars of the Public Information Officers;

As per Annexure “D”.


Such other information as may be prescribed and thereafter update these publications every year.

All kind of information relating to the activities being carried out by the department of Youth Services & Sports will be available at the web-site of the department.


Detail of Public Information Officers


Name of the PIO


Complete office address

Tel. No.

E. mail address

Jurisdiction under his control for which he/she will be rendering information to applicants.

Smt. Suman Rawat Mehta

Joint  Director (Sports)

Craig Building-5, Chhota Shimla,H.P.




Directorate of Youth Services & Sports level

Sh. Chaman Singh Dhauta

Dy. Director,

IGSS Complex, Shimla

Indira Gandhi State Sports Complex, The Mall, Shimla



Indira Gandhi State Sports Complex, The Mall, Shimla

Sh. Sudesh Dhiman

Distt. Youth Services & Sports Officer

DYSSO, Chamba, HP



Whole district of Chamba, H.P.

Sh. Shyam Lal


DYSSO, Bilaspur. HP



Whole district of Bilaspur, H.P.

Sh. Mohinder Pratap

Distt. Youth Services & Sports Officer

DYSSO, Hamirpur. HP



Whole district of Hamirpur, H.P.

Sh. Mohinder Pratap


DYSSO, Kangra,HP



Whole district of Kangra, H.P

Sh. Ganga Lal

Officiating DYSSO

DYSSO, Kinnaur, HP



Whole district of Kinnaur,  H.P

Sh. Sanjay Sharma

Distt. Youth Services & Sports Officer

DYSSO, Kullu, HP



Whole district of Kullu, H.P

Sh. Jagan Thakur

SDM-cum- do-

DYSSO, Spiti, HP



Spiti area of  L/Spiti Distt.,  HP

Sh. Surjeet Singh Rathore


DYSSO, Keylong, HP




Lahaul area of L/Spiti Distt , H.P

Sh. Ved Prakash

Distt. Youth Services & Sports Officer




Whole district of Mandi,H.P

Sh. Subodh Ramoul


DYSSO, Sirmour, HP



Whole district of Sirmour, H.P

Sh. Vijay Kumar





Whole district of Solan,H.P

Sh. Prithvi Raj Bhagchanta


DYSSO, Shimla,H.P.



Whole district of Shimla, H.P

Sh.  Ishwar Chaudhary





Whole district of Una, H.P