Pond Construction

Last Updated On: 30/07/2014
  • Are there any places where a fish pond should not be constructed?
    Another problem is that floods may wash away the banks. To avoid this you should not construct a pond in a gully where heavy floods occur. Large gully would not be good place for the construction of a pond.

  • Why should we put fences around our ponds?
    The pond should be fenced to keep out cattle. Cattle will break down the banks of the fish pond. There should be a Pacca cattle ramp for the entry and exist of the cattle. This is very important to prevent the damage of bunds, which may also cause easy entry of rainwater during heavy downpour.

  • How long should carp be stocked in a pond before one starts to fish them out?
    If you construct good ponds and manage them well. Carp will be big enough and so you can start fishing them out within about a period of two years from first stocking and thereafter every year by the replenishing the stock simultaneously. The family will have good Nutritious Food to eat and surplus can be sold for profit.

  • From where one can get fish seed for fish farms:
    Seed of Indian Major Carps & Mirror carps is available at State’s fish farms Ghagus (Bilaspur) Alsu (Mandi) Kangra (Kangra) & Sultanpur (Chamba) during June to August every year. Where in case of trout availability is during May to June at State’s trout fish farms Patlikuhl (Kullu) Barot (Mandi) Nagni (Kullu) Holi (Chamba) & Sangla (Kinnaur).

To whom to contact for further information and TRAINING NEEDS you are free to contact:
  • Director-cum-Warden of Fisheries Directorate of Fisheries, Bilaspur- Ph. 01978-224068.
  • Deputy Director of Fisheries Directorate of Fisheries, Bilaspur- Ph. 01978-223212.
  • Chief Executive Officer, Fish Farmer Development Agency, Solan & Palampur.
  • Assistant Director of Fisheries, Bilaspur, Chamba & Mandi for Carp Seed
  • Deputy Director of Fisheries, Patlikuhal, Assistant Director of Fisheries, Mandi, Shimla & Chamba for Trout Fish Seed
  • Assistant Director Fisheries, Nahan
  • Senior Fisheries Officer, Hamirpur