Last Updated On: 17/07/2023
  • NALSA (Legal Services to Disaster Victims Through Legal Services Authorities) Scheme, 2010
  • Revised Legal Aid Defense Counsel Scheme-2022
  • Front Office Guidelines
  • The Himachal Pradesh (Victim of Crime) Compensation Scheme, 2019
  • NALSA Compensation Scheme for Women Victims/Survivors of Sexual Assault/other Crimes - 2018
  • NALSA (Legal Services to the Victims of Drug Abuse and Eradication of Drug Menace) Scheme, 2015
  • NALSA (Legal Services to Victims of Acid Attacks), Scheme, 2016
  • NALSA (Legal Services to Senior Citizens), Scheme, 2016
  • NALSA (Protection and Enforcement of Tribal Rights) Scheme, 2015
  • NALSA (Effective Implementation of Poverty Alleviation Schemes) Scheme, 2015
  • NALSA (Legal Services to the Mentally III and Mentally Disabled Persons) Scheme, 2015
  • NALSA (Child Friendly Legal Services to Children and their Protection) Scheme, 2015
  • NALSA (Legal Services to the Workers in the Unorganized Sector) Scheme, 2015
  • NALSA (Victims of Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation) Scheme, 2015
  • Scheme for Legal Services to Disaster Victims
  • National Legal Services Authority(Legal Services Clinics in Universities, Law College and other Institutions) Scheme, 2013
  • National Legal Services Authority (Free and Competent Legal Services) Regulations, 2010