Last Updated On: 13/02/2017

Classrooms Ambience 
GHS Paplotu

Community Initiative 
GMS Bhated Chowki

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Chauntra-2, Mandi

Gopalpur-2, Mandi

School teacher take special interest in teaching with TLM & even use their own laptop when the ICT lab was not installed. The school also motivates the students to use english dictionary in the learning of english.  Efforts of Mr. Tilak Raj Sharma have been appreciated in particular.

The school orgainzed one day motivational tour for school children, their parents and SMC members was organised. As a part of "Anti-Drug Awareness Campaign", eradication of hemp plants was carried out in village Bhatera. Efforts od Mr Subhash Chand have been appreciated in particular. 

Community Initiative 
GMS Fagla


Rise in Enrollment
GPS Jarol

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Sundar-Nagar-1, Mandi

Seraj-1, Mandi

The school has done good work in organizing cleanliness campaigns, organizing quiz competitions and engaging the community. Efforts of Mr. Hansraj Malhotra and Dr. Rakesh have been appreciated in particular.The school’s enrollment has risen substantially in the past one year. 

Rise in Enrollment 
GPS Bhoun


Rise in Enrollment 
GPS Padher

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Sunder-Nagar 1, Mandi

Raja Ka Talab, Kangra

इस पाठशाला में केवल एक छात्रI स्थानीय है बाकि सभी छात्र घुमंतू और प्रवासी मजदूरों के हैं पिछले सत्र में48छात्र पंजीकृत थे| इस स्कूल ने झुगि झोम्परिओं में जा कर सम्मान पूर्वक छात्रों और अविभावकों को समझाया परिणाम स्वरुप आज पाठशाला में 66 छात्र शिक्षा ग्रहण कर  रहे हैं और उनका पढने के प्रति शौक देखते ही बनता है |

The school has increased enrollment from only 2 students to 19 students in one year.


Classrooms Ambience
GSSS Mahadev


Special Initiative 
GSSS Chauntra

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Sunder-Nagar 1, Mandi

Chauntra-1, Mandi

The school has demonstrated best practice in enhancing the classroom environment and using activity based learning to increase student learning level.  Efforts of Ms. Archana have been appreciated in particular.   The school focuses on imparting education through models and experiments. For example, students were asked to create models of Educational Television, Pythagoras Property, Area of Circle etc. Such models have also been presented by the students under NITI Aayog at Chandigarh. Efforts of Mr. Sandeep Verma have been appreciated in particular.