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Promotion Orders of Special Private Secretaries

06 Sep, 2011

Promotion Orders of Deputy Secretaries

06 Sep, 2011

Director of Prosecution, Himachal Pradesh

03 Sep, 2011

Delegation of Financial Powers under SOE Adv & Publicity

30 Aug, 2011

Retirement of Sh. V.C. Katoch, IAS

30 Aug, 2011

Promotion Order of Chief Engineer, HP PWD

18 Aug, 2011

Promotion of Tehsildars to HPAS

17 Aug, 2011

Retirement of Dr. Manisha Shridhar, IAS

17 Aug, 2011

Regularization of Contract Appointees

20 Jul, 2011

Regularization of Daily Wagers

20 Jul, 2011

Promotion of IAS Officers

17 Jun, 2011

Notification regarding constitution of Committee for regularization: No Suggestion

06 Jun, 2011

Notification regarding Financial Commissioner (Appeals) for Specific cases

04 Jun, 2011

Retirement Orders of HPAS/HPSS Officers

27 May, 2011

Holding of DPC Meetings in various Departments

26 May, 2011

Holding of typing test on Computers instead of typewriters-Instructions thereof

23 Apr, 2011

General Transfers of Government employees - Lifting of Ban

16 Apr, 2011

Minutes of JCC meeting held on 05-03-2011

29 Mar, 2011

Regarding sanctioning of GPF advance/withdrawals in respect of IAS/HPAS Officers

25 Mar, 2011

Retirement Orders of Sh. Bhim Sen, IAS

23 Mar, 2011

Maintenance and preparation of Annual Performance Appraisal reports - communication of all entries for fairness and transparency in public administration

07 Mar, 2011

Regarding professional course to HPAS Officers/Probationers, w.e.f. 21.02.2011 to 07.05.2011 Nomination thereof.

15 Feb, 2011

Black Border Notification of Late Dr. G.R. Bharti, HPAS

30 Dec, 2010

Regarding Guiding Principles for effecting transfers of State Government employees

20 Oct, 2010

Supreme Court Order regarding filing of cases and application for condo nation of delay

18 Oct, 2010

Regarding long term/short term foreign training programmes for the year 2011-2012

20 Oct, 2010

Regarding indicating full name in TR-1 Forms and endorsing of copies of sanction of earned leave/joining reports etc. to Controller (F&A)

07 Oct, 2010

Timely confirmation in various Central Civil Services- issue of guidelines

27 Sep, 2010

Appointment on compassionate grounds to the dependents of the deceased government servants

25 Sep, 2010

Finalization of Representations of Govt. Employees Regarding Service Matters

21 Sep, 2010

Promotion in respect of the posts having more than one channel- instructions regarding

01 Sep, 2010

Instructions regarding nominating/forwarding applications of various Heads of Departments IAS/HPAS Officers for Foreign training/visits, etc.- instructions thereof.

25 Aug, 2010

Reservation for Other Backward Classes - exclusion of Creamy Layer for the purpose of appointment in services and posts under the Government of India/State certificate to be produced by the candidates.

23 Aug, 2010

Providing of reservation to the disabled persons in respect of Class-I to IV posts/services to be filled in by direct recruitment - Instructions thereto regarding.

19 Jul, 2010

Instructions Regarding Principles for Effecting Transfer of Employees with Disability in Various Departments

07 Jul, 2010

Instructions regarding Reservation Roster - Post based - Implementation of Supreme Court Judgement in the case of R.K. Sabharwal Vs. State of Punjab and enhancement of reservation in services for Other Backward Classes

16 Jun, 2010

Un-authorised drawal of salaries of employees by the DDOs in various departments in Himachal Pradesh

Instructions dated 01 May,1999, 27 Jul, 2000, 01 Dec, 2005, 02 Jun, 2010 and 15 Jun, 2010

Appointment of sons/daughters/near relations of a Government servant who dies in harness leaving his family in immediate need of assistance-modification thereof

02Jun, 2010

Regarding additional charges to HPAS Officers

24 May, 2010

Regarding indicating full name in T.R.1 forms and endorsing of copies of sanction of earned leave / joining reports etc. to controller (F&A) department of personnel.

12 May, 2010

Regarding regularization of contract appointees in the Government Departments- Instructions thereof

07 May, 2010

Retirement orders of HPAS/HPSS Officers

27 Apr, 2010

General Transfers of Government employees - Lifting of Ban

15 Apr, 2010

Regarding Requisition for Filling up Vacancies through Direct Recruitment

12 Apr, 2010

Transfer of employees in tribal areas- instructions thereof

16 Mar, 2010

Transfer of employees from Tribal/Difficult Areas-instructions regarding providing of substitutes

12 Mar, 2010

Age limit for disengagement of Part-time Class IV workers

27 Feb, 2010

Age limit for disengagement of Daily Wagers

22 Feb, 2010

Issuance of Identity cards to IAS/HPAS Officers


Compassionate Policy w.e.f. 13-9-2002 to 20-11-2009


Compassionate Policy w.e.f. 12-12-1997 to 2-9-2002


Compassionate Policy dated 18-1-1990 and Instructions issued from 26-2-1990 to 18-5-1995


Regarding filing of cases in the Hon’ble High Court application for condonation of delay-instructions thereof

02 Jan, 2010

Re-employment orders of Director, Information & Public Relations Department

01 Jan, 2010

Certificate of Bonafide Himachali for Women -instructions thereof

20 Nov, 2009

Policy to regulate the services of Part-Time workers

13Oct, 2009

Maintenance of ACRs of the Employees appointed on Contract Basis

05 Sep, 2009

Transfer of Employees appointed on contract basis

13 Aug, 2009

Certificate of Bonafide Himachali-Instructions Thereof

01 Aug, 2009

Instructions for the grant of Bonafide Himachali Certificate

03 Jul,2009

One Time Conduct of Examination for Same Nomenclature of Posts During the Year

23 Jun, 2009

Transfer of Employees from Tribal/Difficult Areas- Instructions regard providing of Substitutes

27 Apr, 2009

Providing of reservation to the disabled persons in respect of Class-I to IV posts/services to be filled in by direct recruitment- Exemption from passing of type test by 100% visually impaired persons- Regarding

26 Feb,2009

Transfer of Employees from Tribal/Difficult Areas- Instructions regard providing of Substitutes

30 Oct, 2008

Regarding inserting common provision below Col. No. 11 in the all Recruitment and Promotion Rules

11 Sep, 2008

Production of Documents while Appearing for Selection of Various Posts Under State Government/PSU’s

18 Aug, 2008

Regarding Guiding Principles for effecting transfers of State Govt. Employees

10 Apr, 2008

Simultaneous Action of Prosecution in a Court and Initiation of Departmental Proceedings

31 Aug, 2007

Himachal Pradesh Services (Premature Retirement) Rules

04 Jan, 2007

Additional Journey days on leave in tribal areas and Hard areas

07 Dec, 2006

Referring of Cases to DOP for Advice - Instructions Regarding

26 Oct, 2006

RTI Notification

05 Jun, 2006

RTI Notification

20 Apr, 2006

Cases of Persons whose Conduct is under Investigation or Against Whom Charge sheet is Pending - Consideration for Promotion Regarding

28 Jan, 2005

Declining of Promotion

27 Aug, 2004

Regularization of Part-time Employees

27 Feb, 2004

Adhoc Promotion - Prescribing of Sealed Cover Procedure

08 Aug, 2000

Providing employment to the dependent of Armed forces and Paramilitary Personnel killed in action in kargil

23 Jun, 1999

Extension in Service/ Re-Employment to Government Servants on Attaining the Age of Superannuation

22 Apr,1998

Constitution of H.P. Subordinate Services Selection Board

06 Oct, 1998

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