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Declare the post of Managing Director, H.P. Backward Classes Finance & Development Corporation Ltd, Kangra as equivalent in status and responsibilities to the post of Special Secretary to the Government of Himachal Pradesh

Official dealings between the Administration and Member of Parliament and State Legislatures Observance of proper procedure

Regarding Updation of E-mail IDs and Mobile Numbers of IAS Officers in ER Sheet

Nominations of IAS Officers for Appointment on Deputation under Central Staffing Scheme and for the post of Chief Vigilance Officers

Minutes of the JCC meeting

Regarding Online APARs for the Period 2020-21

Advertisement No.4/2019 for the post of Member, HP Administrative Tribunal

Office Memorandum of Government of India regarding Central Staffing Scheme

Requisition for Filling up of One Post at PGIMER, Chandigarh

Conduct of Nation-wide Pension Adalats in the State on Friday, 23rd August, 2019

Filling up of the Two Posts of Administrative Members in HP Administrative Tribunal

6th Governance Awards 2018,Request for nomination Regarding

Appointment of Administrative Member, H.P. Administrative Tribunal

Minutes of the meeting of J.C.C. held on 29.12.2016 with the representatives of HP NGO’s Federation under the chairmanship of Worthy Chief Secretary

Issue of DSC to remaining IAS officers – arrangement with (n)Code Solutions

Furnishing of Information & Annual Return Containing Declaration of Assets & Liabilities by Public Servant under Section 44 of Lokpal & Lokayuktas Act, 2013

Creation of Post of Advisor to HP Govt. at New Delhi

Policy to Regulate the Service of Part-Time Workers

Initiation of ACRs (now APARs)`s in respect of Staff of the State FSL and RSFL`s

Comprehensive Guiding Principles-2013 for Regulating the Transfer of State Govt. Employees-Prescription of new Provision thereof

Filling up of Functional Posts in all Tribal Areas

Ban on transfers-instructions thereof

Policy to Regulate the Services of Part-Time workers

Seniority List of Chief Engineers in IPH Department, HP (as on 26-11-2013)

Issuance of Digital Signature Certificates to IAS Officers of HP Cadre

Certificate of Bonafide Himachali- strict verification thereof

Purchase of Land by Govt. Servants - Permission under Conduct Rules

Long/Short Term Foreign Training Programme for the year 2014-2015

Certificate of Bonafide Himachali- Instructions thereof

Requisition for Filling up of Two Posts of PGIMER, Chandigarh

Special Leave Petition (Civil)-Narain Singh Chaudhary versus Ram Swarup Gupta & others etc. & Special Leave Petition (Civil)-R.K. Barwal & others Versus State of HP & Others

Principles for Promotion to Selection Posts-Clarification Thereof

Completion of Performance Appraisal Reports of All India Services Officers as per the Schedule prescribed in AIS(PAR) Rules, 2007

Releasing of Pay Scale on Completion of 14 Years of Service to HPAS officers

Principles for Promotion to Selection Posts-Clarification Thereof 

Observation of Experts Panel During the Evaluation of ACR Records of IAS Officers

Continuation of Temporary Posts of Office of the HPPSC for the Financial Years 2011-12 and  2012-13 

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