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To be successful anglers it is imperative to know how and where to fish. Acquiring the knowledge of ecology of rivers and streams of fishing water is prerequisite for successful fishing.

Both trout and mahseer migrate for feeding and breeding; they move upstream into tributaries and anabranches to search feeding grounds and ecologically suitable redds for laying eggs.

It is therefore necessary the breeding behavior vis-�-vis season may be kept in mind in the selection of angling sports.

Generally accepted ideal fishing condition cloudless and clear sky; one can do nothing if there is heavy winds or wave as for successful fishing one needs calm and still water. Heavy thunder or shower put the fish off the feed. So fishing us useless under these conditions.

Fishing trips preferably be planned in a company. Knowledge of fishing sports, rest houses. License issuing centre should be gathered well in advance. This saves lot of inconvenience and time after reaching destination.
  • Keep all the fishing equipment in a kit. Do carry landing net and guff along with the kit.

  • Keep your spoon always polished as the fished generally attracted to bright surface.

  • While carrying the rod in the stretched from, never keep the top of the rod in front because it is not safe; instead but-end be kept in front.

  • On seeing a trout close by, try to make the fly alight on the stream from the foliage and herbage on the bank to give an impression that the fly has fallen off naturally. This increases the chance of hooking the fish.

  • Any spot dominated by small fry or fingerlings is considered good for angling. Similarly, underneath of rocks, rapids, pools, eddies, white waters, deep pools are generally considered ideal fishing spots.

  • Trout gulps the fly instantly as soon as it touches the water. One should therefore must act immediately and be prepared to strike and take full advantage of such as occasion.

  • Fishing against the sun avoids shadow falling in the water. The shadow of an angler would obviously scare the fish.

  • A light tackle always gives best results; A quick jerk, a shake of the rod- a fast and slow feel will usually entice the first.

  • Tire out your fish completely before trying to land it and do not show hurry. Do not make a dash as the fish may be lost.

  • The fishes can be brought home in fresh conditions by placing a layer of green grass in the bottom of the basket and placing on it layer of fishes alternating with grasses.

  • Important to known before fishing in Himachal water.

  • Clause 6(1): If any person uses any dynamite or other explosive substances in any water with intent thereby to catch or destroy any fish that may be therein, he shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years or with fine and which may extend to Rs. 5000/- or both.

  • Clause 7(A): If any person puts any poison (bleaching powder lime or any noxious material) with an intent thereby to catch or destroy any fish, he shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years or with fine extending to Rs. 5000/- or both. If a person in possession of dynamite and other explosive substances for the purpose of killing the fish near or in the vicinity or on a bank of a river rivulet, khad, pond, lake, reservoir which are habitated by the fishes shall , unless he explosive satisfactorily that his possession or control over such explosive substance was for lawful object be punishable with imprisonment for a tern which may extend to two years or with fine which may extend to Rs. 3000/- or both.

  • Clause 7(B): If a person kills or catches fish with a net during the close season, in which killing or catching of fish is prohibited under any rule, he shall be punishable with for a imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years or with fine which may extend upto Rs. 3000/- or both.

  • Clause 7(C): All offences under section 6,A, 7B and 7C shall be cognizable and non-bailable.

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