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Last Updated On: 30/07/2014  
  • How much chemical fertilizer should be thrown into a small pond to fetilize it?
    Chemical fertilizer with lots of Nitrogen is also good. Only a few handfuls are needed for a small pond.

  • If the soil is acidic, what must be done to a fish pond?
    In some areas, where soils are acidic, lime must be added. The lime can be spread on the bottom of the pond, or it can be thrown into the water.

  • What causes a green scum on the surface of a fertilize fish pond?
    In a fertile pond, the water may have a green scum on top. The fish like to eat the green scum, which consists of many small plants. It indicates that the pond is ready for planting fish seed.

  • What kinds of fishes are the best for stocking in ponds?
    Catla, Rohu, Mirgal, Mirror carp, Silver Carp, grass carp and trout are the best kinds of fish for stocking in ponds/ raceways. These all kinds can grow fastly in a pond without competing with each other in consuming food of the pond. 
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