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  • What is proximate composition of edible fish?

Statistic          Calculated          Moisture          Protein              Oil               Ash

(%age)             (%age)              (%age)           (%age)            (%age)        (%age)

Average             ----                    74.8                19                    5                1.2    

  • How the fish tastes?

               No other liner can describe better about the taste of fish 

Give a man a fish, he will eat it for a day
 teach him how to fish & he will eat through his life

  • How fish can be raised?

The best part about fish is that we can raise them in small ponds as well as big ponds kuhl, channel which are generally found in village but fish can also be raised by constructing earlier ponds in Agriculture farms or by the construction of exclusive fish farms.

  •  How knowledge of basic fish farming will help you?

The basic fish farming may be summed up as character of water, availability of fish seed of desirable species of fish, control of fish enemies and marketing of fish produced from your ponds.


  • What are the main characteristics of culturable fish?
  1. Should grow fast easy to breed;
  2. Preferably herbivorous compatible with other species;
  3. Should have consumer preference.
  • What required for profitable fish farming?

Getting profits from fish farming depends on complete understanding the principles that govern the growth and survival of fish.

  • Where from you can have this understanding?

To provide this understanding 10 days course in fish farming are being conducted by Fish farmers Development Agency, Solan & Palampur, syllabus can be obtained free of cost by writing to any office of the department situated in different parts of the state.

  • How can you find out whether or not your soil will hold water for a pond?

In selecting a site for the pond you should also be sure that the site will hold water. Some are too porous or will need special treatment in order to hold water. If possible before starting to construct the pond, consult Fisheries expert to check the area and the soil.

  • What is a good size and shape for a carp pond?

After selection of the site for the pond with a good water supply, you can start digging. The size and shape of the pond should range between 0.1 hectare to 0.8 hectares in rectangular shape will be a good size pond. In case of running water unit the size is 30X1.5X1.2m.


  •  How deep should a carp pond be?

The water should be 2 mtr deep and one end and 1 � meter deep at the shallow end.


  •  What can be done to prevent heavy rains from flooding the pond and breaking the dam?

If the pond is built in a place where it collects too much water in times of heavy rains, a wide ditch should be dug at one side of the Bank to carry away the extra water, when it rains hard, the extra water will run through the side spillway rather than break the sides of the pond.
  • How does raising of fish in farm pond benefits your family?                                                                                                     In one-hectare ponds, one can harvest 5,000 kgs. of fish proper care, feeding and manuring is timely ensured. It can provide fish for the family and extra for the market as cash crop.

  • What can the water in fishpond be used besides fish farming?
    If there is a good source of water, fishpond can be used as a reservoir for irrigating Agriculture fields.


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