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Last Updated On: 30/07/2014  
  • How should water look in a pond for fish?
    Water for growing fish should not be clear and transparent. It should be greenish in colour. The green colour means that the water has lots of small plants called Algae, which provide food for the fish. (Applied only for carp farming).

  • What does the colour in fish pond water means?
    The colour of water is indicator whether the pond has enough fish food in the pond or not. So the colour of the water is very vital important factor to make a start in the fish culture.

  • What can be used to fertilize a fish pond to make the water greenish?
    Ponds need to be fertilized just as we fertilize out fields and gardens. Any kind of animal manure makes good fertilizer.

  • How do you fertilize a pond with cow manure?
    Cow manure should be put in the pond in a burlap sack. The Nitrogen will be dissolved by the water, and will help the green algae to grow.
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