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Ten Golden Rules for Good Fish health

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Last Updated On: 30/07/2014  

Ten Golden Rules for good fish health for observance by TROUT FARMERS

  • Buy fish eggs or fingerlings with known health status i.e. from a farm, which is under   surveillance of  Fish Health Services;

  • Keep an optimal density of fish in the raceways 4-5 kg/m3 stocking density is generally the optimum one;

  • The velocity of the water should be double the length of fish being reared in the raceways;

  • Daily fish ration has the direct relationship with water temperature. Over feeding may give birth to severe diseases besides poor economics or even loses;

  • Good hygiene in the raceways and their disinfections at proper intervals can save fish from various diseases;

  • Ensure strict vigil on the up stream water. It should be free from sewage and pesticide washings;

  • Avoid unnecessary stress to the fish from handling. Treatment and shorting be done by experienced /qualified hands;

  • Ensure regular health control measures;

  • On any sign of disease discontinue feeding and call for personal of Fish Health Service;

  • All in- all out system be observed. Entire facility / raceways be emptied and disinfected before the recruitment of fresh stock.

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