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Department Mandate

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Last Updated On: 24/07/2014  

The Fisheries Department has been set up with following mandate:

  • To increase fish production in the State by judicious management of all the culturable water resources;
  • To develop reservoir fishery of the State with an aim to increase per hectare production from the open impoundments;
  • To undertake breeding programme of Indian and exotic carps, mahseer, trouts and other sub-temperate species for augmenting the seed stocking programme in reservoirs, river and streams; and tributaries;
  • To protect and conserve reservoir and lacustrine fisheries resources of the state;
  • To promote game fishery in the state with particular emphasis on promotion of Tourism;
  • To promote commercial farming of Rainbow Trout in the high altitude areas;
  • To promote aquaculture in the state by providing technical and financial assistance to the fishermen and rural youths;
  • To generate employment opportunities in the fishery sector and ameliorating the condition of fishermen of the state.
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