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Temporary Registration

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Last Updated On: 14/03/2017  

  1. When for any reason it is impracticable for the purchaser of a new motor vehicle to obtain a registration certificate in the ordinary course owing to a temporary closure of the office of the registering authority or for other reasons, or where the purchaser of a new motor vehicle intends to export it at once beyond the limits of the State or to take it immediately to the area where he/she has his permanent residence or place of business, a temporary certificate of registration mark may be issued by the firm of vehicles, dealer or manufacturer of vehicles appointed by the Regional Transport Officer in this behalf subject to the provisions of sub rule (2) and the temporary certificate and registration mark shall for the time being serve all the purpose of a regular certificate of registration and registration mark. Provided that the names of persons or the firm, as aforesaid, who shall be competent to sign the temporary certificate of registration, shall be specified by the Regional Transport Officer.
  2. A temporary certificate of registration or a temporary registration mark shall not be issued except in respect of a vehicle which has not previously been registered under the Act.
  3. Every application for a temporary certificate of registration shall be writing and shall indicate the sub- division, District, and place where the vehicle is intended to be produced for permanent registration and shall be supported by certificate from the person or firm from whom the vehicle has been purchased indicating the date of purchase of the vehicle.
  4. On receipt of an application in terms of the provisions of sub-rule(3), the person or firm authorised under sub-rule (1) may issue a temporary certificate of registration in Foil A in HP Form XV CR Tem.
  5. If the place in which it is intended permanently to register the vehicle is in India’s foil B’ of HP Form XV CR Tem, shall be dispatched immediately to the registering authority of the area in which it is to be registered and in other cases the said foil B shall be dealt with according to such directions as may be issued by the Government from time to time. The counterfoil together with the application and its accompanying certificate shall be kept on record by the firm issuing the permit and shall be made available for the inspection of the registering authority of the area at the end of every calendar month or at such other intervals as the registering authority may direct. The counterfoils with the application and certificates, shall unless they are taken by the registering authority into his own charge, be preserved by the said firm for a period of not less than twelve months from the date of issue.
  6. In the case of vehicles intended to be permanently registered in the State, the registering authority receiving foil B under sub-rule (5) shall forthwith send an acknowledgement to the firm which issued it and that firm shall attach the acknowledgment to the counterfoil.
  7. A firm issuing temporary certificate registration shall at the same time assign to the vehicle a mark to be displayed thereon in the manner specified in rule 51 of the Central Rules, the letters and figures composing the marks being in red on a yellow ground.
  8. The fee for temporary registration under this rule shall be half the registration fee as specified in Rule 81 of the Central Rules.
  9. To enable the firm empowered under sub-rule (1) to fulfill the requirements of sub-rule (7), the registering authority shall earmark a block of registration mark out of those assigned to the district for the purpose.
  10. Where a motor vehicle temporarily registered is a chassis to which a body has not been attached and the same is detained in a workshop beyond the period of one month specified in sub-section (2) of section 43, in such a case the registering authority may allow extension in temporary registration upto a period of twelve months.

            Provided that the extension in temporary registration shall be given on payment of fee:-

    • in the case of extension for a period not exceeding a period of three months, at the rate of half of the rate specified for temporary registration under sub-rule (8) ; and
    • in the case of extension for a period exceeding three months but not exceeding twelvemonths, at the rate of rupees fifty for every month or part thereof.

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