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Permanent Registration

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Last Updated On: 09/07/2019  

Application for registration of a new vehicle shall be submitted before the Registering Authority in whose jurisdiction the applicant is residing or having his business and the vehicle is normally kept. The application for registration shall be made in Form 20, and shall be accompanied by

  • Application form CMV FORM 20 (signature of the financier in case of HPA/Hypothecation/Lease).
  • Sale Certificate in form CMV FORM 21.
  • Valid Insurance certificate.
  • Proof of Address (as per rule 4 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules,1989)


  • Himachali certificate in case of Transport vehicle/ Stage/ Contract carriage vehicle.
  • Temporary Registration issued by the Registering Authority or Trade Certificate issued by the Dealer.
  • Road Worthiness Certificate in CMV FORM 22.
  • Form CMV FORM 22A in case of Body built vehicle (EX. Goods vehicle, bus etc.).
  • Customs clearance certificate in case of imported vehicle with and bond.
  • Appropriate fee as specified in Rule 81
  • Tax payable (depending upon the category of vehicle).
  • Income Tax clearance certificate in form 60 or a declaration.
  • Bonafide agriculture certificate issued by the Tehsildar in case of registration of Tractor-Trailor unit used for agriculture.
  • Permit proceedings if any in case of transport vehicle.


All the related applications shall be filed before the Registering Authority and Vehicle shall be produced for inspection in the premises of the R.T.O/S.D.M

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