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About TSP

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Last Updated On: 12/01/2016  

 Transport Service Provider is a licence holder duly authorized by Department of Transport having sound knowledge of Motor Vehicles Act, Rules and regulations who provide various transport services to the general public on specified rates as finalized in the TSP scheme. Transport Service Providers function as a bridge for getting/obtaining various services of Department of Transport.

    The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and Rules contain many forms which are to be filled by the general public to get the various services of Transport Department and they find the procedures too cumbersome or even beyond comprehension, in most cases. There was accordingly a greatly felt need to hand hold the clients at this stage, so they are guided and educated about the correct procedure to be followed to get the requisite service from the department by these Transport Service Providers.


     To streamline the functioning of the Transport Department and to make it transparent, speedy and for the betterment of general public, Department has formulated Transport Service Provider Scheme 

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