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The particulars of its organisation, functions and duties

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Last Updated On: 04/02/2014  

Working of the Transport Department:-


                   Transport Department is constituted under section 213 of Motor Vehicle, 1988 its main function are as under :-


1.            Control of Transport and Non Transport Vehicles.

2.            Issue of permits of Stage Carriage/Goods Carriage/Contract Carriage/Auto Rikshaw/Taxi-Maxi Cab and Private Service vehicles.

3.            Checking of vehicles (enforcement).

4.            Issue of certificate to pollution check centers.

5.            Issue of certificate to Driving Training Schools.

6.            Issue of certificate to authorized fitness centers.

7.            Registration of vehicles.

8.            Issue of driving/conductor licenses.

9.            Issue of fitness certificates to commercial vehicles.

10.         Payment to victims of bus accident under Passenger Ex-gratia scheme.

11.         Issue of funds for construction of rain shelters and Bus Stands.

12.         Grant-in-aid and subsidy to HRTC.

13.         Water Transport activities in Himachal Pradesh.

14.         Counter signature of permits of other state vehicles


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