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Registration & Permit Related forms


Permanent registration

Form 20


Transfer of ownership

Form 29 Form 30


Noting of Hire Purchase/lease/Hypothecation

Form 34


Termination of  Hire Purchase/lease/Hypothecation

Form 35


Change of Address

Form 33


Issue of No Objection Certificate

Form 28


Renewal of Registration Certificate

Form 25


Issue/Renewal of Fitness Certificate of Transport Vehicles

Form xiv C.F.X.


Issue/Renewal of Stage Carriage Permit

Form xxi St.S.A.


Issue/Renewal of Contract Carriage Permit

Form xxii P.CO.P.A.


Issue/Renewal of Private Service Vehicle Permit

Form xxiii PPSVA


Issue/Renewal of Goods Carriage Permit

Form xxiv P.Gd.C.A.


Application for Grant of Permit in respect of Tourist Vehicle

Form 45


Application for Grant of National Permit

Form 48


Licence Related Forms


Issue of Learner’s Licence

Form 2


Duplicate Learner’s Licence

Form 1LLD


Permanent Driving Licence

Form 4


Renewal of Driving Licence

Form 9


Addition of new Class of Vehicle in Driving Licence

Form 8


Duplicate Driving Licence

Form 1LLD


International Driving Permit

Form 4A


Issuance of Conductor Licence

Form L Con. A

Form IX MC Con

Form VIII F.A.B.


Renewal of Conductor Licence

Form xi


Medical Forms

Form 1

Form 1-A


Application for setting up of Driving Training School

Form 12

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