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Training Schedule for First Aid Training

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Last Updated On: 30/01/2017  

First Lecture:

A.               Principles of First Aid.

B.               A brief description of the Structure and Functions of the Body.


Practical: Triangular bandage and its application to the – Head, Back, Shoulder, Elbow, Hand, Hip, Knee and Foot, Arm Slings (large, small and St. John).


       Second Lecture:

A.               Fracture-causes, varieties, signs and symptoms.

B.               Treatment of fracture-The skull, Lower Jaw, Spin, Rib Breastbone, Collar-bone, Shoulder-blade, Arm Forearm, Hand.


Practical: Treatment of fracture, Application of splints.


        Third Lecture:

A.               Individual fractures (cont.) Pelvis, Thigh, Knee cap Leg and Foot.

B.               Dislocations, Sprains, Strains-Signs, Symptoms and Treatment.


Practical: Treatment of Fractures, Treatment of trains.


           Fourth Lecture:

A.               General description of the heart and Blood vessels.

B.               Circulation of the Blood.

C.               Wounds and Hemorrhage.

D.               Wound accompanied by Arterial hemorrhage.

E.                The situation of the main arteries pressure points.

F.                Wounds accompanied by Capillary of Venous Hemorrhage-Varicose Veins.

G.               Hemorrhage form special regions-Bruises.

Practical: Compression of arteries.

            Fifth Lecture:

A.               Injuries to Internal Organs-Hemorrhage.

B.               Burns, Scalds, Stings bites of snake and rabid animals, animals, frost bite.

C.               Foreign bodies in Eye, Ear and Nose.


Practical: Treatment of fracture and hemorrhage.


             Sixth Lecture:

A.      Respiration-natural and artificial.

B.       Asphyxia.

C.      The nervous System.

D.       Insensibility.


Practical: Artificial Respiration


            Seventh Lecture:


A.            Transport of the Injured:

(i)             For Males, Hand Seats and Stretcher Exercises.

(ii)             For Females, Hand Seats.


Practical:  Transport of the Injured.


                  Eighth Lecture:


               Preparation for the Reception of accident Cases

A.               Recapitulation.


Practical: Preparation for the bed, removing clothes etc.

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