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Annual General Meeting

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A meeting of the General Body of the Branch is held once a year at the Headquarters of the Himachal Pradesh Government on a date to be fixed by the President. Notice of such meeting shall be given at least 15 days before the date fixed by publication in the press or otherwise and shall briefly specify the business to be transacted. All grade of members shall be entitled to attend and to vote on any question that may be submitted to the meeting for determination.



At each Annual meeting of the General Body, the membership of 12 members elected by the each district Executive Committee shall be approved to serve on the State Managing Committee. An auditor shall be appointed and the Annual Report, the Annual Accounts and Budget shall be presented and considered at the meeting. Any other business may be brought forward with the assent of the President.



An extraordinary meeting of the General Body of the Branch may also be called at any time by the President for any purpose connected with the Branch. Seven days notice in the press or otherwise with the agenda to be brought before it and no business other then specified in such agenda shall be transacted.



 All meetings of the General Body shall be presided over by the President or in his absence by the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman of the Committee or some other person in their absence appointed by the President.



All questions to be decided by the votes of the members present taken by show hands, in the case of equality of votes the member presiding has a second casting vote.



  Members constituting the General Body of the Branch who are entitled to attend  the Annual General meeting be as follows:-


  • All the members of the State Branch
  • Office bearers of the State
  • Members of the Managing Body of the State
  • Members/delegates of the district branch of the category (a)  to (c) enumerated under rule 2 above to be nominated by the district branch on the basis of 2 delegates on every 25  members
  • Annual members/delegates nominated by the District  Branch/Unit on the  basis of one delegate for every 100 Annual members on their roll
  • Associate members/delegates nominated by the District Branch/Unit  on the  basis of one delegate for every 5000 Associate  members on  their rolls (to attend as observers)

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