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Managing Committee

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The Managing Committee of the Pradesh consists of the following members:-


Hon’ble Health Minister is the Chairman of the Managing Committee.



There is a Vice-Chairperson to be elected by the Managing Committee.



The Secretary to Governor is the General Secretary of the State Branch and Managing Committee.



All the Chairpersons of the District Branch.



The Director of Health Services is the member of the Managing Committee.



The Secretary of the State Branch is the Secretary of Managing Committee.



Six members to be nominated by the President.



12 members elected by District Executive Committee under rule V-7 (ii)



The Honorary Treasurer of the Managing Committee is elected from amongst its members.



The Managing Committee has the power to co-opt representative of affiliated Societies and bodies of other person who have expert knowledge of the branche’s work, whether as regular members of the Committee or adhoc for the consideration of matter, especially affecting such Committee or bodies or any persons so co-opted shall not at anytime exceed two.



An ordinary meeting of the Managing Committee is to be held at least twice in a year at the instance of the Chairperson or in his absence by the Chairperson to consider the budget or such agenda as is laid before it.



An extraordinary meeting of the Managing Committee may be called at any time by the Chairperson.



Upon a requisition, in writing made by any five members of the Managing Committee, the Chairperson shall call an extraordinary meeting.



One week’s clear notice of ordinary meeting of the Managing Committee specifying the place, day and hours of the meeting and the general nature of the business to be transacted is to be given to every members of the Managing Committee by post, provided that the omission to give such notice to any of the members shall not be invalidated any resolution passed at such meeting.



At the meeting of the Managing Committee seven members present, in person forms the quorum.



If no quorum is present within half an hours or the time fixed for a meeting, the meeting is to be adjourned and fixed on any other date at the same place and time. At such adjourned meeting, the business for which the meeting was called may be transacted whether the quorum is complete or not.



In the event of equality of votes at any meeting, the Chairperson is to have second or casting vote.



The Managing Committee is to have power to make standing orders regulating its own procedure, the procedure of Committee appointed by it and to lay down the duties of the officers of the Branch.


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