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Aims & Objectives

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It won’t be an exaggeration to state that activities of Red Cross & St. John Ambulance are dove-tailed in providing selfless service to mitigate the suffering with the following aims and objectives in the State:-


Imparts instructions to persons in rendering first aid in cases of accident or sudden illness and in the transportation of the sick and injured.


Teaches elementary principles and practice in the field of nursing and hygiene with emphasis on sick room maintenance.


Provides and distributes ambulance material wherever it is required.


Develops and promotes every means of rendering aid to the sick and injured.


Imparts instructions in ambulances transport duties.


Imparts training in first-aid and home nursing.



Health and Hygiene:

Organises camps and seminars for the awareness of health and hygiene among the people with the co-operation of Health department and local public/member and volunteers of the society. Besides this, a dispensary is being run at Tutikandi, Shimla-171004.


Himachal Pradesh being the border State and a State frequented by tourists the year round; requests are usually received from the National Headquarters, New Delhi to trace the missing persons. With the help and co-operation of Govt. authorities, Himachal Pradesh Red Cross is also conducting such services.

Artificial Limbs, Crutches lenses/Eye Spectacles:

Artificial limbs/crutches/eye lenses and spectacles are also provided to patients of eye ailments hailing from the IRDP or poor families on the recommendation of doctors/hospitals.

Blood Donation Service:

Himachal Pradesh Red Cross doesn’t have its own blood bank in the State, however, it provides all possible assistance to the State Govt. to run blood banks in the State. It organises blood donation camps/motivation camps and render other necessary assistance to this cause to the banks.

Ambulance and Hearse Service:

Himachal Pradesh State Red Cross is providing ambulance/hearse services in the State and its district branches at nominal charges.

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