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The Red Cross Society is an International Organization, which aims at promoting mutual understanding, friendship, co-operation and lasting peace among all the people.  This is one of the largest voluntary organizations in the world, which works for the welfare and help of poor people and suffering humanity. The idea of Red Cross was conceived by Henry Dunant in 1859 when he saw more than forty thousands dying and wounded soldiers uncared in the battle field of Sulferine. As a result of his sincere efforts, this organisation came into existence in 1863 as an International body for taking care of the sick, helpless and suffering humanity. Tended with help, care and devotion; this organisation has now become a great International Institution, and its primary function is to provide relief to resource less suffering people.

Here in our country, the Indian Red Cross Society was established under the Red Cross Society Act XV of 1920. Thereafter, its branches gradually spread out in every nook & corner of the country. The welfare activities of the Society have proved to be beneficial, especially in Himachal Pradesh where a State endowed with natural scenic beauty but difficult terrain. Number of people are being benefitted in many ways through this institution.  

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