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The main objective of the project is to make the community aware about the Disaster, their causes and how to reduce the impact of Disaster. The Indian Red Cross Society, with the support of its partners (IFRC & ICRC), has embarked upon a programme to develop a cadre of First Medical Responders (FMRs) at District level in the disaster prone states of the country. To enhance the capacity of Red Cross volunteers and communities to deliver emergency services during disasters and other emergencies (including public health emergencies), Refresher training is being provided to the cadre of FMRs enrolled in 2013 & 2014. Its objectives are as follows:


To prepare the Red Cross First Medical Responders at village level:

 If any disaster happens, it is not possible for the administration to extend support in “Golden Hours” in which life can be saved, so it is necessary to equip the local people (villagers) with life saving skills to reduce disaster loss.


To prepare the village panchayat community to reduce the risk of disaster:

To build the capacity of the FMRs, so that they possess both conceptual and methodological clarity of disaster situation.


To mainstream the local schemes and programmes with Disaster Risk Reduction to involve community with local schemes and programmes like MNREGA, Watershed Management, Health & Hygiene promotion, Swachch Bharat Abhiyan etc.


To calendar the meetings/events/trainings of the FMRs for DRR at local level:

The interaction with the community is being encouraged through Mock drills, Meetings, Events, Trainings and other activities depending on the local requirements.


Draft the Disaster Management Preparedness Plan at village/Panchayat level:

The Disaster Management Preparedness Plan assesses the hazard, risk and vulnerability of the village/panchayat area.

Activities of First Medical Responder (FMR) at District level with local government-formation & strengthening of WASH (Water and Sanitation Hygiene) committee, preparation of work plan and school level awareness on WASH.

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