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Disaster Management Programme, Funded by IRCS NHQ, Delhi

Himachal Pradesh due to its difficult topography, positioning in a high seismic and fragile ecology experiences the fury of nature every year causing loss of precious human lives and property. The State is prone to natural disasters like earthquakes, landslides, flash floods, fire etc.


The Indian Red Cross Society hence has come up with Disaster Management Preparedness programme in Himachal Pradesh since 2012 for imparting training to local youth regarding Disaster Management Preparedness. This is to ensure that they can rise to the occasion during natural disasters and save lives before the rescue teams can reach the spot. Increasing pace of population growth, urbanization and construction are throwing up challenges for which adequate planning is necessary for prevention of disasters and mitigation if these occur. Hence there is an urgent need to improve capacity building in this area.


Villages are also a part of development due to expansion of the cities. They are   also exposed to vulnerability and there are possibilities of major loss in case any calamity strikes in future. Disaster Management Preparedness Plan at District level (village) aims to reduce potential loss of life and property in disasters as well as ensuring strong preparedness, response, relief and rehabilitation measures for coping with disasters. If disaster strikes, it is not easy for the administration to save the lives of people in the remote areas/disaster prone areas of Himachal Pradesh.

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