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The name of the H.P Branch of Indian Red Cross Society is “INDIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY HIMACHAL PRADESH STATE BRANCH”



Jurisdiction: - The Branch shall have jurisdiction over entire area of the State of Himachal Pradesh.



Aims and Objectives: - The Branch shall follow the aims and objects of   the Red Cross as per First Schedule of Act XV of 1920 (INDIA) as amended up to date.



Fundamental Principles:-The Branch shall follow the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross.





There shall be the following grade of members of the Branch:-









Life members.



Annual members.



Institutional members.




President shall be the Governor of Himachal Pradesh.



A member to be elected by the State Branch Committee to the Central Managing for terms of two years in accordance with the rule made by the Central Managing Body under Section 5.



Subscribers of Rs. 25,000/- and above in one consolidated contribution   to the funds of the Branch shall be Patrons.



Subscribers of Rs. 12,000/- in one consolidated donation to the funds of the Society shall be as Vice-Patrons.



A member shall pay an annual subscription of Rs. 2,000/- to become a member for life time.



Institutional member shall pay an annual subscription subject to a minimum of Rs.20,000/- (amended in the State Managing Committee on 16-5-2015).



Upon failure on the part of a member or associate member to pay his annual subscription when it shall become due, the Managing Committee shall be at liberty to remove such members name from the list of members.



The privileges of a member shall be personal only and shall not be  capable of assignment or transfer or devolution on death.



All permanent members enumerated at Sr. No. a to c shall be enrolled by the State/District Branches/District Units.

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