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1.    Reservoir Fisheries

·         Raise fish production from state’s reservoirs to 2000 t from existing level of 660 mt valued over Rs. 841.90 lakh through 
intensive stocking, conservation and fishing efforts;

·         Ensure 200 additional employment under reservoir fisheries;

2.    Raising seed production from carp fish farms

·         Renovate and augment water supply in carp farms;

·         Depute farm officials for short terms training in breeding and seed rearing at national institutes;

·         Appoint trained Sr. Fisheries officers in fish farms and fixing accountability for achieving the set farm’s targets;

·         Ensure fish seed production of 10 million advanced fry of mirror carp, Indian major carps, mahseer and aquarium fishes 
in the ratio of 40%, 30%, 20% and 10%. Seed produced would be stocked proportionately in rivers/ and reservoirs besides meeting the demand of private fish farmers. 

3.    Aquaculture

·         Intensification of Aquaculture programme in the state jointly by department.

·          Cover 100 ha. of water area under pond fish culture;

·         Create additional employment of 200 number under aquaculture programme;

·         Ensure supply of inputs viz. fish seed and feed to all the state fish farmers.

 4.      Trout Farming

·         Up gradation of trout farms and completion of on-going works of under-construction fish farms;

·         Raise trout production level upto 900 tonnes (980 t in private sector and 20 t from  departmental trout farms);

·         Ensure setting up of 1300 trout farming units in private sector under centrally sponsored schemes;

·         Ensure supply of inputs viz. seed and feed to private farmers;

·         Operationalize Trout diagnostic laboratory and deploy staff at this Pathological Center;

 5.      Sport fisheries

·         Initiation & completion of work on National Mahseer Seed propagation farm;

·         Holding of Angling competitions on Mahseer as well as Trout Fish in collaboration with state tourism department.  

6.     Construction of Departmental infrastructure through engineering wing.

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