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Action Plan

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Last Updated On: 17/12/2019  

Action Plan: 


For convenience, Fisheries of Himachal Pradesh may be classified into four types


1. Reservoir fisheries


2. Riverine fisheries:

  i) Sport fisheries;

  ii) General fisheries.


3. Aquaculture:


 i) Carp farming;

 ii) Trout farming 


4. High altitude fisheries.

In view of limited scope of enhancement of state’s fish production from reservoirs and rivers/streams, it is important to lay stress on aquaculture----farming in ponds and raceways. Further, not only aquaculture generates large scale employments but requisite subsidy grants @ Rs. 2 Lakh ha for General Category and Rs. 4.20 Lakh ha for SC & ST Category of Fish Farmers are released by GOI under the centrally sponsored scheme’ Extension & Aquaculture”. 

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