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The Federation is actively engaged in the following activities to accomplish their objectives.

(A)  Procurement of Sheep and Angora wool.

For long-term sustainability of the sector in general and breeders in particular, the Federation undertakes procurement of sheep and angora wool directly from the breeders. This ensures remunerative prices, marketing facilities to the breeders and elimination of middlemen.

(b)  Sheep Shearing:

Traditionally the sheep are reared by nomads/tribesmen `Gaddi` in Chamba & Kangra districts and ‘Kinnaura’s’ in Kinnaur district, however, other backward and remote areas/pockets of the state Tissa (Churah), Salooni, Sahoo, Mehla of Chamba Dist., Chotta and Bara-Bhangal of Kangra Dist., Chuhar valley of Mandi Dist. 15-20, 18-20 areas of Rampur, Chirgaon and Dodra-kwar Tehsil’s of Dist. Shimla also practice pastoralism  who migrate alongwith their livestock to alpine pastures in summers and to lower hills/plains during the winters in search of pastures. The Federation is taking care of sheep shearing requirements in the State in a most modernized way by using imported sheep shearing machines. The sheep shearing facilities are being provided at the pasture level.

(c)  Sheep wool scouring:

The Federation is providing wool scouring/washing and drying facilities at Palampur. Wool is washed by a mechanical procedure using detergents to remove the washable impurities like dust, dirt & grease. It is also the first mechanical step towards processing of wool.

(d)  Marketing:

The Federation is actively engaged in the marketing of sheep and angora wool. For this purpose the established markets of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan are regularly surveyed. Wool is finally marketing through E-Tendering process. Before selling the wool, grading of the same is done by the technical personnel of the Federation. The normal sales cycle ranges  for 3 to 6 months depending upon the market variables


(e)  Supplies of Veterinary Equipment’s, Medicines and Animal Feed Ration:


As per the State Government policy, the Federation is facilitating the procurement of Veterinary equipment, medicines and Animal Feed Ration for the Animal Husbandry Department H.P. as a third party procurement agency for enhanced competitiveness and reasonability of prices.


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