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Himachal Pradesh Home Guard Organization was created in 1962 with the objective to infuse spirit of service, courage and patriotism amongst the citizens and to channelize their energies in maintenance of law and order and socio-economic improvement of the State.  All the able bodied individuals who are in the age group of 18-50 years and fulfill the prescribed physical and educational standards are eligible to be enrolled as Home Guard volunteers.


Authorized Strength of Home Guard Volunteers (2022-23):         


The Government of India has authorized 8000 Home Guard volunteers to Himachal Pradesh Home Guards Organization. The State has 12 Battalions of Home Guards consisting of 73 Companies and 04 Independent Platoons of Men Home Guards, 06 Companies and 06 Independent Platoons of Women Home Guards and 12 Platoons of Technical Home Guards.

The total number of authorized female Home Guard volunteers in Companies and independent platoons is 629 and the total number of authorized male Home Guards strength is 7371. The detailed authorized strength of Home Guards in Battalion is as under:


Sr. No.           Name of   District/Battalion                        Authorized Strength     

1.                     Kinnaur               Battalion No. I                                             536

2.                     Shimla                Battalion No. II                                            784    

3.                     Shimla                Battalion No. III                                           610

4.                     Nahan                Battalion No. IV                                           658

5.                     Bilaspur             Battalion No. V                                             595    

6.                     Mandi                Battalion No. VI                                            876

7.                     Kullu                  Battalion No. VII                                           710

8.                     Chamba            Battalion No. VIII                                          720

9.                     Dharamshala     Battalion No. IX                                           908

10.                   Hamirpur           Battalion No. X                                            503

11.                   Solan                 Battalion No. XI                                           597

12.             Una                Battalion No. XII                            503                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                 Total:-          8000   



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