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January 2017

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Special Initiative 
GCPS Kotla

Rise in Enrollment 
GCPS Thanakalan

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Sadar, Bilaspur

Bangana, Una

The school started English Medium from class 1st resulting into admissions from private schools. It takes special  initiaves for educational tours, prepared BALA features  with personal efforts and finance and given extra classes for weak students. It actively encourages cultural activities participation which has resulted into students participating in District level tournaments. Efforts of Ms. Achhar Lata have been appreciated in particular.

The school has worked hard and increased enrolment from 56 to 112 students. It has supported sports strongly and have students participating even at state level.

Special Initiative 
GHS Sanhal


Special Initiative 
GHS Teuri 

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Bangana, Una

Amb, Una

The school inculcates the habit of regular use of dictionary in class. The students of this school have participated in district level TLM competition and won first prize, and in state level TLM  stood 3rd in consecutive years i.e 2010-11 & 11-12. Recently, six out of seven students of 8th class have passed the natinal means cum. merit scholarship exam held in Nov 2016. 3 students passed himotkarsh exams this year. Efforts of Mr. Raman Kumar have been appreciated in particular.The school mobilized the parents to contribute prepare study schedule for their students at home. As a results 6 students of 10th class got their name in the merit list in session 2014-15. The school has 100% pass percentage since past two years. Science and maths are also taught in English medium right from 6th class. The efforts of Mr. Om Prakash Dhiman have been appreciated in particular. 

Special Initiative 
GMS Balh-Bulwana


Special Initiative
GMS Baribhagot

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Sadar, Bilaspur

Ghumarwin II, Bilaspur

The school conducts regular counselling with parents and students and has therefore, managed to increase school enrollment. The school has also be started in english medium from classes 6th to 8th. Efforts of Ms. Kamini Dogra have been appreciated in particular.

The school collected Rs 53000/- from the commmunity and used it for the betterment of school. A Badminton Court was prepared as well as a safe place for Morning Assembly. Efforts of Mr. Budhi Singh have been appreciated in particular.


Classrooms Ambience
GMS Railley


Special Initiative 
GCPS Kaloh

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Ghumarwin II, Bilaspur

Gagret-1, Una

The students are inspired in the class room for best learning with conceptual clarity with the help of TLM, models and lessons deivered through ICT. Efforts of Ms. Monika Kumari have been apppreciated in particular. She motivated teachers to prepare models in maths and sience subjects in the different workshops organised under Paryas /Paryas Plus programme in the entire Distt. as Resource Person.  The school has been successfully running nursery class and a fully english medium school for the last five years. The students of this school have also won 1st prize in dance  two times in Chief Minister rally.  Classes of this school have won Best TLM prize at District level two times. Efforts of Ms. Shobha Guleria have been appreciated in particular.

Classrooms Ambience
GPS Chadiar


Classroom Ambience
GPS Doon

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Chadiar, Kangra

Ghumarwin-1, Bilaspur

Shi Vijay Singh JBT Govt. Primary School  Chadhiar Singh takes keen interest in imparting education. His teaching is very effective and activity based.This school has been imparting education in English Medium .The school has two computers for students for teaching purpose.Every year the school organises annual day function. It is all due to the effort of Sh Vijay Singh.The school creates a joyful learning environment with the help of TLM and ABL. For example, usage of preposition ’In’ and ’On’ are taught with a game called ’In the river’ and ’On the Bank’. In this game, a line is drawn to demark river in the centre and the bank on either side of it. The children are supposed to jump ’in’ the river or ’on’ the bank when the teacher says the phrase ’in the river’ and ’on the bank’ respectively. Efforts of Mr. Khoob Singh have been appreciated in particular.

Special Initiative 
GPS Jatpur


Rise in Enrollment 
GPS Mundhkar

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Haroli, Una

Ghumarwin-1, Bilaspur

The school generated external funds for bench desk, water cooler, aluminium cupboards, prize shelf, special initiative in sports field. The athletes trained in this school have won state level  tourmanents as well as national level sports. Students have been selected in JNV and students from private schools take addmission in the school every year.The school went to parents whose students have been dropping out to identify the problems, helped them solve it otu and have managed to increase enrollment from 19 to 42.

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