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For the convenience of trainees and other visitors to the Institute, the Institute Reception operates from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. on all working days. Visitor’s queries are attended to at the reception and they are guided to their desired locations within the Institute Campus. Intercom facility can be availed of to contact different locations/officials in the Institute.

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Conference Halls

The Institute has two well appointed conference halls with seating capacity of 120 and 60 respectively and having all audio-visual support including recording facilities.

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Class Rooms

The Institute has 7 well furnished classrooms.    Seating capacity of each classroom is about 25-30 trainees. The classrooms have all modern teaching aids e.g. LCD/LED, Computers, LCD projectors, white boards, PA system, overhead projector, etc. Facilities for photocopying are available for all programs.

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IT Centre

The Institute has a wi-fi internet facility and also campus-wide local area network with more than 256 information outlets spread over all the conference halls, class rooms, computer labs, offices of faculty and staff, hostel rooms/guest houses. One computer lab equipped with latest technology/ configuration is dedicated for the use of the trainees on one-to-one basis. Another 70 computers are installed at various other locations such as library, offices of the faculty and staff, mess, reception, lecture/conference halls etc. The Institute has established similar facilities at its two regional training and two district training centres located at divisional headquarters at Mandi, Dharamshala, Chamba and Nahan. 100 computers supported with all teaching aids such as LCD projectors etc are installed at these centres for use by trainee’s faculty. With this set-up, the Institute is in a position to accommodate one batch of 30 participants at Shimla and four batches of 25 participants at regional/district centers at any point of time. All the 60 participants at Shimla are provided with board & lodging facilities also at the Institute whereas, the participants at regional/district centres are not provided these facilities at present. Trainees have to make their own arrangements for Lodging at these two places.  

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The Institute has a well-equipped library having about 45000 volumes for the use of the participants of our programs, faculty, guest speakers, professionals, academicians and administrators who visit the Institute from time to time. The Institute subscribes to about 110 journals and periodicals.  All major newspapers in English and Hindi are subscribed. Library membership is open to everyone on paying Rs. 1000/- (refundable) as library security. The catalogue of the library has been computerized and is available on internet (http://hipashimla.nic.in/library). The HIPA library has presently 932 members on its rolls. Library remains open from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M.

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Located amid scenic surroundings and embraced by cool, calm and un-polluted environment the Institute has well furnished guest houses/hostels within the campus.


A duplex bungalow, it has one double-bedded room, one drawing room and one kitchen/pantry on the ground floor and two double bedded rooms and a sitting and a dressing room on the first floor. All the rooms have attached bath-rooms. Arrangements for space and water heating are available in all rooms. All rooms have Wi-Fi internet connectivity. An Aqua-guard has been installed for providing safe drinking water. A well maintained lawn adds to the charm of this bungalow.

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Kailash Hostel

The Kailash Hostel has two double bedded suites with attached drawing rooms and pantry and another 41 double bedded rooms. All the 43 rooms are well furnished having two study tables each and separate cupboards and have attached bathrooms besides arrangements for water and room heating. All rooms have Wi-Fi internet connectivity. All floors have been    provided with aqua-guards for safe drinking water availability.

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Dhauladhar Hostel

The Dhauladhar Hostel is an old style 3 storey wooden structure having 24 DB rooms with attached bathrooms, 6 rooms with three bathrooms (one BR for two rooms) and 15 rooms (5 in each of the 3 floors) with common bathroom and toilet facilities separately for each floor. All the rooms are twin-bedded rooms. Water and space heating is available for all the rooms. All rooms are also provided have Wi-Fi internet connectivity.

Dining Hall / Mess

The Institute has its own Mess, which is run on cooperative basis. All meals i.e.  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner are served in the Dining Hall only. Exception to this rule is only in cases of persons who are either indisposed or are orthopaedically handicapped. Bed Tea, however, is served in the rooms. The Institute kitchen is a most modern one where hygiene and cleanliness are accorded very high priority. All the staff handling food and beverages are made to undergo regular medical examination. Aqua guards have been installed for ensuring safe drinking water supply. The weekly menu is displayed on the notice board in advance. Institute also tries to    make arrangements for special food (e.g. for those fasting or unwell) provided a request is received in advance.

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Sports & Fitness

The Institute has both indoor and outdoor Sports facilities. These include Lawn Tennis (outdoor hard court), Billiards, Badminton, Table Tennis and a gymnasium.  


The Institute has its own buses and light vehicles to bring participants & guests from the City. 2 (Two) Institute buses ply between Shimla and Institute in the morning and evening regularly. Other trips are made as per    requirement. Institute hires extra vehicles as and when the need arises. Institute campus has facility for parking of nearly 60 vehicles.

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Intercom facility can be availed of to contact different locations/officials in the Institute. Mobile phones of all major operators work in the campus.


ATM facility can be availed by participants and others for the transaction of money in the Institute. Bank of Baroda has installed the ATM in the HIPA Reception.

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The Institute does not have any dispensary or doctor available in the campus. However, arrangements for First Aid are available in the Institute to take care of routine medical situations. The Institute, however, ensures that transportation to the nearest hospital/medical facility is available without delay, should any situation so warrant.

Daily Needs / Canteen

The Institute has a small canteen located next to reception area, which provides tea/coffee/cold drinks and snacks between 7 A.M. and 9 P.M. Small grocery items of daily need are also available in the canteen on payment. Items not available also are procured from the main market, if a demand is received.





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