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Rates of Stamp Duty & Registration Fees

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Last Updated On: 17/02/2014  
Registration - Rates of Stamp Duty & Registration Fees

        At present the rates of the Stamp Duty in respect of Sale, Gift and Mortgage with possession are 5% of market value of the property or consideration amount, whichever is higher. These rates has been reduced from 8% to 5% w.e.f. 10-4-2007 vide notification No. Revenue-stamp (F)1-1/2005. As such, the rates of Registration fees are 2% of the above amount subject to the minimum of Rs. 5.00 and maximum limit of the Registration Fees has been fixed Rs. 25,000/ vide notification No. Rev.1-9(stamps)3/79 dated 13-4-1999.

          Recently, the Government has formulated the District level Market Valuation Committee for assess the real value of the property and fixed the rates for one Calendar Year.

          The rates of Stamp Duty chargeable in all other documents have been provided in Schedule I-A of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 which is available at page 783 of H.P. Land Code. As such the rates of Registration Fees are available in the Table of Registration Fee at page 843 of Code ibid.

          Fee for document written by Document Writers:-

          The document writer cannot charge the fees for writing any document in excess of these mentioned below and is bound to issue the proper receipt for the amount of fee received by him for writing any document.


Nature of Document 

Approved Scale


An application for copy inspection or search or other simple application

One Rupee


An application for the issue of process.

One Rupee


An application for the extension of period under Section 25 and Section 34 of the Registration Act.

Two Rupees


An appeal under section 72 of the Act ibid.

Two Rupees


A document in which the value of the property or the amount of consideration is specified as:



1 to 1000

Four Rupees

Two Rupees

1000 to 10000

Eight Rupees

Two Rupees

10000 to 20000

Twelve Rupees

Two Rupees

20000 to 50000

Sixteen Rupees

Two Rupees

50000 and Above

Twenty Rupees

Two Rupees


A document certifying or amending a previously registered document

Two Rupees


A special power of attorney

Two Rupees


An agreement

Two Rupees


A counterpart or duplicate drawn up under Article 25 of Schedule I-A of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899.

Two Rupees


A consent deed without consideration

Five Rupees


Will, authority to adopt, adoption deed general of attorney or divorce deed.

Ten Rupees


A document in which no value or amount of consideration is given

Ten Rupees


A document for which no scale has been prescribed above

Five Rupees

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