Last Updated On: 05/02/2015

Sarathi (Driving license)

Sarathi is a comprehensive system for all the activities related to issuance of Driving License by RTOs.  This Software is implemented in All the 7 SDMs Offices of District Mandi and in R.T.O Office Mandi.It is based on a 3 tier architecture as well as platform and database independent software, customized to cater to the needs of individual States. The software enables the processes at RTOs involving issuance of Learner’s License, Permanent Driving License, Conductor’s License, and Driving School License etc.

Services to be delivered through SARATHI

*  Learner’s License

*   Permanent Driving License

*  Conductor’s License

*   Driving School License etc.

*  Renewal of Driving License and Conductor License

*  Issuance of

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Vahan (vehicle registration)

VAHAN is a comprehensive system for all activities related to Vehicle Registration at RLAs and RTOs. Vahal Software is Implemented in all the seven SDM offices and RTO Office of Mandi District.It is based on a 3 tier architecture, as well as platform and database independent software, customized to cater to the needs of individual States. The software enables the processes at RLAs and RTOs involving Vehicle Registration, Fitness, Taxes, Permits and Enforcement

Services to be delivered from VAHAN

*  Vehicle Registration

*  Taxes

*  Permit

*  Fitness

*  Enforcement

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Shastr(Arms License )

Web-based Arms Licensing System (Shastr) is used for  isssueance  and renewal of  different types of Arms License.This software is implemented in District Headquarter  and all Sub Divisional Magistrates offices of Mandi District. By using this software the arms & ammunition dealers may search and verify the license  from this software  before selling any arm & ammunition and keep printed copy of  the license  for the record purpose.This Software   based on the workflow of issuance of arms licences (Cash collection stage to arms licence delivery).

Breif Software Highlights are as follows:

*  Developed in multi-tier architecture using ASP.NET.

*  Proof documents such as date of birth, residence, police verification may be attached with license as PDF document.

*  Photograph & signature of the applicant are captured using software for tackling the misuse of arms licence.

*  Addition of signature of the authority to the arms licence when generated.

*  Printing of computer generated unique passbook no. on the licence passbook along with other information such as issued date, issued by, total pages, reserved pages etc.

*  Implements VIRTUAL AUTHORITY for arms licensing system.

*  Authorised Interface for Police & Home Department.

*  Citizen Interface: Internet Surfing and SMS to/from mobile.

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The e-Praman Software is being used to issue various types of certificates in the Sub Divisional Office and Tehsils. This software has been running at all Sub Divisions, Tehsils and Sub-tehsils. This Software is also used by the Lok Mitra Kendras to reissue the  issued certificates to the citizens In this system there is an option to online certificate verification.Folowings are the certificates which are being deliverd from the Software.

*  Agriculturist Certificate

*  Backward Area Certificate

*  Bonafide Himachali Certificate

*  Character Certificate

*  Dogra Class Certificate

*  Freedom Fighters Certificate

*  Legal Heirs Certificate

*  Marriage Registration Certificate

*  Community Certificate

*  Passport Verification Certificate

*  Other Backward Classes Certificate

*  Rural Area Certificate

*  Schedule Caste/Tribe Certificate

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Land Deed Registration(HIMRIS)

Deed Registartion is imaplemented in all   the Tehsils and Sub tehsils Of Mandi District and HIMRIS(Himachal Registration Information System ) is being used.The HIMRIS Software covers all the 27 type of Deeds and its Sub Deeds. The work flow is online as the citizen has to get his deed details entered at one window and than approach the Sub Registrar, who after verification of data approves it and captures the photo of the executants and witness on the spot and prints the endorsement page. The revenue fee is calculated by the software and receipt is printed. The citizen is being benefited by prompt service and return of original papers on the same day, which in manual process takes around 2-3 days. The department is getting error free record and various reports required for record keeping are generated automatically.



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Land Record Computerisation was started in  District Mandi on 2000. All Tehsils and Sub Tehsils of District Mandi are now computerized and issuing Nakals from Tehsil Headquartes instead of issuing from Patwaris.The updation of Revenue Record of  Tehsils/Sub-Tehsils has been going on. Tehsil centres have been equipped with One Server, Three or four Clients, A3 Laser Printer, 2.5/3.0 KVA UPS. The Centre is being managed by one trained revenue person , who is issuing Nakals, updating all the mutations and generating new dors and one IT Volunteer , who is helping technically and also helps in issuance of Nakals etc. The Common people are getting Nakal of Jamabandis issued at the serving windows of these centers on the spot by paying nominal charges.  Now the citizen can also get Nakals from the Lok Mitra Kendras.They are no more required to look for the patwari, they just need to visit the Tehsil Centre and get the Nakal Issued immediately.  





Other Services: 

There are virious other e-governance  services provided by the other department such as Welfare,DRDA,Agirculture,Treasury ect. Following are ther services being provded byb these Departments:

Welfare Department:

*  Ekalyan: Used for Generation and Distribution of Different types of Social pensions

*  E-Pass: Used for Issuing of  Pass for Senior Citizen and Handicapped persons .

*  Rural Department: is Using FMIS, MNREGA

*  Treasury Department: E-Salary, ekosh

* Employment: Employment Exchange Management System