Learner Licence

Last Updated On: 01/02/2017



No person shall drive a motor vehicle in any public place unless he holds an effective driving licence issued to him by the Licensing Authority, authorising him to drive the vehicle.


The application required:


  •  Application form in CMV FORM 2
  •  3 recent passport size photographs

Minimum Requirements


  •  The applicant shall have attained the age of 16 years in case of Motor Cycle   without Gear.
  •  The consent/declaration of the parents shall be given before the licencing  authority. 


  • The applicant shall have attained the age of 18 years in case of motor cycle with gear or light   motor vehicle.


  • The applicant shall have attained the age of 20 years in case of Transport vehicle (Auto rickshaw cab, Taxi, Goods Vehicle, Bus etc.)
  • One year driving experience of light motor vehicle is required.
  • The minimum educational qualification is a pass in the 8th Std at the school level.
  • Medical certificate in form No.CMV Form 1 and CMV Form 1-A is necessary in case of transport vehicle

The documents required:  

a. Proof of Address: (any one of the following) 

  • Passport
  • LIC Policy
  • Electricity or Telephone bill
  • Pay slip issued by any office of the Central Government or a State Government or a Local body.
  • Self swearing Affidavit by an applicant before an executive Magistrate or a First Class Judicial Magistrate or a Notary Public as evidence of address.

b. Proof of Age: (any one of the following)

  • School Certificate.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Certificate granted by the registered medical practitioner not below the rank of a Civil Surgeon.
  • Self swearing Affidavit by an applicant before an executive Magistrate or a First Class Judicial Magistrate or a Notary Public as evidence of age.

What is the amount of Fees payable

Where to file application ?

  • Application for learner’s shall be presented by the applicant before the RTOs/R&LAs of the area concerned. 

What is Preliminary test? Whether any exemption is provided? 

  • Written test  will be conducted for the persons who have passed SSLC or equivalent examination or higher. This test will be of multiple choice objective type. 
  • ONLINE computer based tests are being conducted at the RTO/RLA Offices
  • In case of others, Oral test will be conducted.
  • These tests will be conducted by the Inspector of Motor Vehicles. 
  • Applicants who are already having driving are exempted from appearing for preliminary test in case additional endorsement of new class of vehicle.

What is the Subject in the Preliminary Test?

  • Traffic signs, traffic signals and rules of the road regulations made under section 118 of Motor Vehicles Act.
  • Duties of driver when his vehicle is involved in an accident resulting in death or bodily injury of a person or damage to property of a third party. 
  • Precautions to be taken while passing un-manned railway crossing and 
  • The Documents he should carry with him while driving a vehicle

What is to be done failing in the preliminary test ?

  • Application along with documents will be returned to the failed applicant and he can reappear for retest on the next day.

What is the period of validity of Learner’s licence?

  • Learner’s is valid for the period of six months and can not  be renewed further. In case of expiry of the LL, the applicant needs to repeat the process afresh.

  • Mock Test