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District Dural Development Agency (DRDA) : DRDA has traditionally been the principal District Level organ to oversee the implementation of anti poverty programmes of the Ministry of Rural Development. Originally created for implementation of the integrated Rural Development Programme (I R D P ) has subsequently been entrusted with a number of programmes both of the Central and State Govt. The DRDA is mainly dealing with the anti poverty programmes of the Ministry of Rural Development however it has also been entrusted programmes of other Ministries which have a definite anti poverty focus. Over the years the DRDA has continued to watch over and ensure effective utilization of the funds intended for poverty alleviation programmes and has become far more professional and effective.

 DRDA is a society under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and it became functional on 11-01-1979. It has a Governing Body for approval of its Annual Plan Expenditure. DRDA Bilaspur falls under category ‘A’ DRDA with an annual Administrative cost of R. 46 Lac. Deputy Commissioner of the District is the Chief Executive Officer of the Agency. The following anti poverty programmes are being implemented by the DRDA Bilaspur through the Block Development Officers in Development Blocks and 136 Gram Panchayats.


 OBJECTIVE:- The objective of IAY is primarily to help construction of new dwelling units and up gradation of existing unserviceable Kachha Houses into Pacca/ semi Pacca Houses by beneficiaries belonging to BPL families. It is a beneficiaries oriented programme meeting with the requirement of housing which is so vital for human survival and therefore essential for social economic development.

SCOPE:- The programme was launched in the year 1985 to provide assistance for construction of new house by the beneficiaries. Its scope has been expanded to conversion of unserviceable Kachha house into Pacca/semi Pacca house w.e.f 1.4.1999. Benefit under the programme is provided to the female member of the family living below poverty line. Selection of the beneficiaries is done by the Gram Sabha.

FUNDING:- IAY is a Centrally sponsored scheme funded on sharing basis between the Govt. of India and the State Govt. in the ration of 75:25.

STRATEGY:- Under this programme the house is allotted in the name of female member of BPL house hold, alternatively it is allotted in joint names of both husband and wife. Grant of Rs. 22,000/- per unit is provided for construction of a house. For conversion of a Kachha house in to Pacca/semi Pacca house, Rs. 10,000/- is provided. Sanitary latrine and smokeless Chulha are integral part of the house.

HOW TO SEEK ASSISTANCE:- The eligible person who desires to seek assistance under the scheme should contact the Gram Panchayat concerned.


OBJECTIVE:- EAS was launched on 2nd October’1993 with the objective to provide wage employment in unskilled manual works to the rural poor who are in need of employment and to create economic infrastructure and community assets for sustained employment and development.

SCOPE:- EAS is opened to all adult rural poor who are in need of wage employment especially during the lean agricultural season. Special priority is given to areas suffering from endemic labor exodus. The programme has been dovetailed with Food for Work Programme from the year 2001-2002 and the laborers are being provided food grain in addition to cash.

FUNDING:-The resources under the scheme are shared between the Center and the State in the ration of 75:25.

STRATEGY:-The funds are being released to the DRDA on the basis of proportion of rural population. Under the programme 70% of the funds flowing to the District are to be allocated to the Blocks and 30% reserved at the District level to be utilized in the areas of distress. However from the year 2001-2002 the programme has been dovetailed with the food for Work Programme and schemes are being sanctioned by the DC-cum-CEO. The expenditure is in the ratio of 60:40 for wage/non wage component.

HOW TO SEEK ASSISTANCE:-Gram Panchayat, Block Development Officer or DRDA may be contacted.


OBJECTIVE:- JGSY has been launched on 1.4.1999 and it is the restructure and comprehensive version of the erstwhile Jawahar Rojgar Yojna. The Primary objective of the programme is the creation of demand driven community village infrastructure like village level assets and assets to enable the rural poor to increase self employment opportunities. The secondary objective is generation of supplementary employment for the unemployed rural youth.

SCOPE:- JGSY is being implemented entirely at the Gram Panchayat level. Gram Panchayat is the sole authority for preparation of the annual plan and its implementation.

FUNDING:- The programme is being implemented as a Centrally sponsored scheme on cost sharing basis between the Center and the State in the ratio of 75:25.

STRATEGY:- The Gram Panchayats have power to execute the schemes up to Rs. 50,000. for which no administrative or technical approval is required. The Gram panchyats can spend up to a maximum of 15% of allocation on maintenance of assets created under the programme. Fund are allocated to the Gram Panchayats on the basis of the population. 22.5% of JGSY funds are year marked for individual schemes for SCs/STs.

HOW TO SEEK ASSIATANCE:- Gram Panchayat, Block Development Officer or DRDA may be contacted.


OBJECTIVE:- Objective of SGSY is to provide sustainable income to the Rural poor. The programmes aims at establishing a large number of Micro Enterprises in the rural areas, and building upon the potential of the rural poor. Persons assisted under the programme are known as Swarojgaris. Subject to availability of funds, it is proposed to cover 30% of the rural poor in each Block in the next five years.

SCOPE:- SGSY has been launched on 1.4.1999 by way of merging the earlier self employment and allied programmes – IRDP, TRYSEM, DWCRA, SITRA, GKY and MWS. It is an innovative and carefully thought yojna for improving the lot of rural poor with special safe guards by reserving 50% of benefits for SCs/STs, 40% for women and 3% for physically handicapped persons.

FUNDING:-SGSY is a Centrally sponsored scheme and funding is shared by the Centre and State Govt. in the ratio of 75:25.

STRATEGY:- It is a Credit cum subsidy programme covering all aspects of self employment, such as organization of the poor in to self help groups, training, credit technology, infrastructure and marketing. Under this scheme 4 to 5 activities have been identified for each block with the approval of Panchayat Semites. The list of families living below the poverty line is authenticated by the Gram Sabha.

HOW TO SEEK ASSISTANCE:- For assistance under the programme, District Rural Development Agencies and block Development Officers may be contacted.


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