Aims & Objectives
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Aims & Objectives

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Last Updated On: 10/05/2016  
  1. To organize vocational training course programme.
  2. To streamline the process of granting recognition to Youth clubs and to provide of financial assistance to them.
  3. In order to give inspiration to the outstanding youth, suitable awards are given.
  4. To keep away youth from anti-social & destructive activities.
  5. To guide the youth to get maximum financial aid in cooperation with other Departments.
  6. To ensure participation of youth in National construction.
  7. To inspire the youth to undertake adventure activities.
  8. To evaluate the youth programme.
  9. In order to check the migration of youth population from rural areas, necessary arrangement of recreational and sports activities are made in rural areas.
  10. Development of youth leadership qualities.

  1. To provide infrastructural facilities in rural and urban areas.
  2. To provide better coaching facilities.
  3. To provide sports equipment.
  4. To honor the outstanding sports persons with cash awards.
  5. To organize Coaching Camps.
  6. To organize the middle and long distance races enabling them to prepare themselves for national competition.
  7. To organize rural sports tournaments under PYKKA and women sports festival at various level and participation at National level championships.
  8. To organize Physically Handicapped Sports tournament at various levels.
  9. To make mass awareness regarding sports and health.
  10. To inspire the sports persons by giving scholarship.
  11. To give Grant-in-Aid to Distt and State Sports Association.
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