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Pedestrians on Roads

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Last Updated On: 06/06/2013  

Pedestrians form a major chunk of road users killed in road accidents. Major victims are children below 16 years of age. Elderly pedestrians though less involved in accidental deaths, are more likely to die after being struck.


  1. Alcohol impairment: Most of the adult pedestrianís death occurs because of this. When under the influence of alcohol, drivers loose the ability to take any decisive action resulting in unfortunate crashes.
  2. Heavy vehicular traffic: In central city areas volume of vehicular traffic is high and pedestrian activity is also concentrated, compelling pedestrians to scuttle between vehicles to cross the road.
  3. Absence of ample space for pedestrians: On certain Delhi roads the roads are so narrow that vehicles and pedestrians move side by side. In such cases pedestrians are at high risk of getting hit for they are not visible to drivers coming from behind.
  4. Traffic violations: In most cases speeding vehicles crush the pedestrians because faster the vehicle is traveling lesser is the time for the driver to take corrective action, and in such collisions chances of death are higher. Sometimes red light violation by the vehicle drivers becomes a cause of pedestrianís death.
  5. Lack of pedestrian discipline: Pedestrians tend to cross the road anywhere, anytime. They just dart out to cross roads, least bothered of the traffic situation.

Hence, as a vehicle driver you should:
  1. Obey traffic signals.
  2. Drive in a prescribed speed limit.
  3. Be alert regarding pedestrians while taking turns, especially right turns at red lights.
  4. Avoid driving after getting drunk or if under medication

Pedestrians! Make Yourself Safe

  • Walk on pavements, not on the road.
  • Walk facing the oncoming traffic when there are no pavements, so that you can see what is coming towards you.
  • Ensure your visibility to vehicle drivers, especially at night. Wear light colored clothes such as yellow and white, which are easier to see at night or pin reflectors to your clothes.
  • Think ahead and plan the safest route to school, market, your friendís homes.
  • If you can walk but cannot run, make sure you carry a bright colored walking stick when you cross the road so that drivers are careful and slow down.
  • Follow the six-step crossing code whenever you have to cross the road:
  1. THINK  What is a safe place to cross ?Where can I see all the traffic properly .Make sure you are not hidden behind a parked car.
  2. STOP At the edge of the road where you have decided to cross.
  3. LOOK & LISTEN Look both ways, many time, to see if there is any traffic coming.
  4. WAIT   For all the traffic to pass, and for road to be clear.
  5. CROSS Walk straight across the road.
  6. KEEP LOOKING & LISTENING Keep looking in all directions as you cross the road until you get to the other side.
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