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Position of HP in India

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Road & River Map of L&S
Position of L&S in HP Chandigarh to L&S
Lahaul & Spiti Tourist Map Manali to Leh
Access to L&S Monasteries in HP

Position of Himachal Pradesh in India

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On the  north of Himachal, Jammu & Kashmir lies, whreas on the east Punjab, east  southern Haryana, Uttar Pradesh & UT Chandigarh, on west side newly  state Uttranchal and border of China exist.


Position of District Lahaul & Spiti in Himachal Pradesh

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Himachal comprises of 12  districts in total, covering the area of 55,673 sq km. Its total  population is 6,077,248 as per 2001 census. The  valley of Lahoul is situated to the south of Ladakh. For this very  reason this place derived its name “Lho-Yul” meaning "Southern Country".  To its south is situated the beautiful valley of Kulluacross  the Rohtang Pass (3195Mtrs) and  the Bara Bangahal (Kangra) across  the “Asakh” pass (5051Mtrs) .Its  western boundaries touch the Pangi and Churah areas  of Distt. Chamba. To its north situated the valleys of Zanskar and Ladakh across Shingola  (5090 Mtrs) and Baralacha  la (5450 Mtrs) respectively.  Its eastern and south eastern boundaries coincide with those of Spiti and Western  Tibet across the Kunzom  Pass (4500 Mtrs). The  population of L&S is 33,224 as per 2001 census with a poulation density  of 2 per sq km.


Lahaul & Spiti Tourist Map

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The Lahaul & Spiti district is a unique  socio-physical unit of Himachal Pradesh. Its two components, the  sub-divisions of Lahaul & Spiti, are in turn equally distinct from each   other in several respects. Lahaul  constitutes the western and physically more accessible area of the  district.

Separated by high mountains ranges from  Jammu & Kashmir territory on the north, Kullu and Bara Banghal on the  south, Spiti on the east and Chamba on the west, Lahaul is a physically  closed unit. In its west, however, the Chenab river forces its way by a  narrow valley, while in the north-east the Yunan river flows into a  Zangskar.



Access to Lahaul & Spiti

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Access to Lahaul & Spiti district by road can be made from two different  locations one is through Sumdo(Kinnaur District) for  entry into Spiti  valley and another  is through Manali (Kullu  District) for entry  into Lahaul valley.  In between the Lahaul valley & Spiti valley the both are connected with  road but road is opened only for few months (mid June to mid Oct).


Road & River Map of Lahaul & Spiti

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In Lahaul & Spiti major rivers are Chandra, Bhaga &  Chandrabhaga in the Lahaul division and Spiti river & Pin river in the  Spiti division.


Chandigarh to Lahaul & Spiti Route Map

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Chandigarh to Lahaul & Spiti through road:

Chandigarh to Lahaul (via Bilaspur-Mandi-Kullu-Manali)

Chandigarh to Spiti (via Shimla-Narkanda-Nako-Sumdo)


Manali to Leh

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Manali-Leh  (via Rohtang Pass-Keylong-Sarchu-Pang-Tanglang La-Upshi) 475 km


Monasteries in HP

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