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Fairs & Festivals

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Last Updated On: 08/07/2015  

Fairs:  Gasota Mahadev, Hamir Utsav (State fair), Holi fair of  Tira Sujanpur (State fair), Baba Deotsidh fair, Ghasian fair, Awah devi fair, Chaniary fair, Piplu-ra-Mela, Sair fair (Ladraur), Baggi Mela, Tauni Devi, fair Markanda fair are worth mention. All these fairs have religious sanctity an ()d commercial importance for local people. The fairs which have only commercial significance are the cattle fairs at Jahu, Chakmoh and Dhirar. Hamir Utsav is celebrated at Hamirpur town in the month of Oct-Nov every year. The Holi fair of Tira Sujanpur (State fair) is celebrated in Chaugan (Ground) of Sujanpur in the month of March ‘every year’. At Gasota Mahadev fair is held on 1st Monday of ‘Jeshtha’  month (last May) every year.

Folklore:  The people have inherited a rich folk literature which is occasionally exhibited during the marriage, fairs and festivals. In ‘Jatras’ young girls sing folk-songs and also a group folk song by men which is commonly known as ‘Jheras’, which literally means battle. The most common ‘Jhera’ being ‘Gugga Chauha’, other ‘jhera’ sung in the district are ‘Raja Sansar Chand’ , ‘Raja Bhangal’ and ‘Raja Sirmour’. Other folk dances worth mentioning are Gidha of women folk and Chanderwali dance of men folk.  Moreover as this district was the part of District Kangra earlier so many of its folk songs / cultural activities are inherited from that district. Traditional musical instruments used in marriages are Nagara, Shehnai, Dholak, Damroo, Dhafli, Thali, Tabla, Flute, Harmoniumetc.

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