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District Emergency Operation Centre

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Last Updated On: 03/08/2016  

DEOC will assist the commissioner in performing the roles assigned to him by DDMA. The DEOC would perform the following functions:-

                     i.                        District control room would be the nerve center for the disaster management;

                   ii.                        To monitor, coordinate and implement the actions for disaster management;

                  iii.                        Activate the ESF (Emergency Support Function) in the event of a disaster and coordinate the actions of various departments/ agencies;

                 iv.                        Ensure that all warning, communication systems and instruments are in working conditions;

                   v.                        Receive information on a routine basis from the district departments on the            vulnerability of the various places and villages (parts of the districts);

                 vi.                        Receive reports on the preparedness of the district level departments and the             resources at their disposal to arrange and meet their requirements;

                vii.                        Upgrade the Disaster Management Action according to the changing scenario;

              viii.                         Maintain a web-based inventory of all resources through the India Disaster               Resource Network (IDRN);

                 ix.                         Provide information to the Relief Commissioner’ Office of the disaster/ emergencies/ accidents taking place in the district regularly and maintain a data base of disasters and losses caused by them;

                   x.                        Monitor preparedness measures and training activities;

                 xi.                         Providing information at district level, local level and to disaster prone areas through appropriate media;

                xii.                        Brief the media of the situations and prepare day to day reports during the disasters;

              xiii.                         To report the actual scenario and the action taken by the District Administration;

              xiv.                         Maintain a data base of trained personnel and volunteers who could be contacted at any time;

               xv.                         Lease with on-site operation center, State EOC and other emergency services.

The Additional District Magistrate shall be the Nodal Officer for Disaster Management and would be in-charge of the DEOC.  The design, layout, equipment and operation of the DEOC would be as per the EOC Manual prepared at the State level.


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