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Carp Fish Farm, Deoli

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Last Updated On: 12/02/2018  

Carp Farm Ghagus

Carp Farm Ghagus (JPG, 64 KB)

Deoli Fish Farm is situated at a distance of 15 Kms from New Asia’s biggest Carp Fish Farm, Deoli (Ghagus) Bilaspur township towards Mandi just below the Shimla-Mandi Road. It comprising 4.4 hectares comes in existence 1962. It consists of two big brood stock tanks and 14 nursery ponds. The total outlay on setting up this hatchery was 3.68 lacks. In beginning the farms activities were limited to meet the seed stocking requirements of Gobind Sagar reservoir, but its targets were increased year to year and research, training, technique and demonstration brought under the farm programmed. During 1978 fish species being record at the farm were demonstrated to the people by constructing a small aquarium and its aim was to apprise the popular. During 1989 a training center and Hostel were constructed within the farm premises so that training course be imparted to the departmental personnel and interested fish farmers. Now training camps are being conducted with modern fish breeding and culture technique training are imparted.


This farm has not only historic importance but is can be known as a center breeding Water Chanel of Deoli Fish Farm, Ghagus excellent training in fish culture and research programmed. Keeping in view the commendable work done in the field of breeding, the Punjab University extended its recognition for undertaking research work at this farm. The Deoli fish farm has played a major role in breeding fish population in Gobind Sagar reservoir, income of the reservoir fishermen and their lives prosperous. For the first time Silver Carp fish was stocked in Gobind Sagar reservoir from Deoli farm. Every year 30-40 lacks mirror carp fingerlings are being produced at the farm and these are stocked in Gobind Sagar reservoir and other water bodies in the State and distributed to the private fish farms. Due to regular stocking in Gobind Sagar reservoir for the last decade at has a unique capacity of fish production per hectare in the country and this credit goes to Deoli farm.Trainning Center (JPG, 678 KB)


The scientists of ICAR and State Fisheries Department initiated a joint research project viz. ‘Genetic Rejuvenation of Fish Stock in HP’. The ‘Bio-Science Department’ started this project entire funded about 18.00 lacks. A quality strain of fish is being reared under this project and distributed to the fish farmers.


Under this technique demonstration programme a new scheme namely ‘Fish Culture in Running Water’ was introduced for the first time at the farm. This scheme was observed suitable especially in high altitude of Himachal Pradesh on the basis of success of this technique the Govt of India incorporated this scheme under the Centrally Sponsored Fish Farmers’ Development Agency subsidy programme. The NABARD Bank has also approved this scheme namely ‘Fish Culture in Running Water’ which resulted in setting up of about 1000 units in the State.

In recent years sport fisheries is fostering in the Gobind Sagar reservoir which clearly indicates vast potential of attracting tourists. The Deptt regularly organizes angling completions every year. In Gobind Sagar and Mahseer fish which is a famous and most liked fish of the anglers is an important fish of this reservoir. As the breeding of Mahseer fish is not a easy job hence the Punjab University and State Fisheries Department jointly prepared a project of Rs. 19.00 lacks it was got approved from ICAR. Present hatchery set up at the Deoli farm has been constructed under this scheme. Under this scheme matured Mahseer fish would be brought from his habitat and bred in comfortable situation.

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