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Fact File

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Last Updated On: 28/02/2015  

Fact File


Population(As per 2011 Census)

Rular Population                                  :356827

Urban population                                :25129

Total                                         :381956

Male                                          :192764

Female                                       :189192

Sex Ratio                                    :981/1000(F/M)

Density Of Population(Per Square KM): 327


People And Culture

Major Religions                             :Hindu,Muslim,Sikh.

Language Spoken                          :Kehluri or Bilaspuri(Written script is Devnagiri),Hindi.

Traditional Food                             :Maize,Rice,Wheat.

Economy                                         :Agriculture based and Services.

Higher Education

Total Number of GSSS                : 92

Total No of GHS                           : 46

Total No of Pvt. SSS                    : 41

Total No. of Pvt HS                     : 29

Elementry Education

Total  No. of GPSS                       : 591

Total  No. of GMS                        : 114

Total No. of Pvt School              :130


Literacy Rate Aggregate

Male Literacy                              :92.39%

Female Literacy                           :78.90%

Total                                         :85.67%


Graphical Area

Total(In Hectares)                       :11776

Forest Area                                 :14013

Cultivated Ares                            :56011

Unusable Area                             :72423

Altotude                                     :610m(above sea level)

Major River                                 :Satluj.



Rainfall                                      :Max62mm Min 1.5mm.

Temperature                               :Max37°c Min 5°c.



From State Capital Shimla              :85 kms.

Nearest Railway Station                :65kms.

Nearest Airport Shimla                   :85kms.


SC/ST Population

Scheduled Caste Population            :98989

Scheduled Tribe Population             :10693


Inhabited Villages                          :953

Un-Inhabited Villages                    :108

Total Villages                              :1061

Villages having Drinking water Facility:100


Total Worker

Cultivators                                 :127169

Household Industry                      :2561

Agriculture Laborer                       :4318

Other Workers                             :72003

Marginal Workers                          :102465


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