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The Directorate of Forensic Sciences, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India has prepared and published laboratory procedure manual in various discipline of Forensic Science in the year-2005. These manuals have been circulated to all the State and Central Laboratory in the India so as to have uniformity in examination and reports. We are following the same laboratory manual procedures alongwith other published protocols in Forensic Sciences in the State Forensic Science Laboratory in HP.  

i.) Forensic Biology Manual: 

 It gives the protocols for the examination of:-

-       Examination of blood and blood stains.

-       Examination of other fluids and the stains.

-       Hair and fibre Examination.

-       Histogical examination of tissues.

-       Identification of Food stuffs and stains.

-       Analysis of paper.

-       Poisonous plants.

-       Identification of wood.

-       Plants and their derivatives.


ii.)    Forensic Serology Manual:

 It contains the protocols for the search, sampling and storage procedure of serological samples, procedure for species of origin test, alongwith blood grouping, Isogyme and paternity testing and the statistical methods for the calculation of Gene frequency and  paternity index.

Note:- For Biological and Serological examinations Methods Manual of Metropolitan Police Forensic Science.  Biology Laboratory, London is also consulted. 

    Forensic Chemistry Manual: 

It gives the protocols for the examination of cement, mortar, concrete fires and arson scene residues.   

-       Oil and fats.

-       Analysis of gold and other metals in cheating cases.

-       Acid and alkalies.

-       Examination of chemicals used in trap cases.

-       Analysis in liquors/ drinks.

-       Soaps and detergent and other miscellaneous items.  


            Manual of petroleum products-It gives the protocol for the examination of petroleum products.

-       Motor gasoline/motor spirit/petrol.

-       Kerosene / super kerosene oil (SKO).

-       Diesel (light diesel oil and high speed diesel),

-       Aviation turbine fuel (ATF Kerosene).

-       Engine lubricating oils.   

-       Grease.   

-       Furnace oils.

-       It contains the methods for the analysis of poisons and poisoning isolation and   purification of poisons.

-             Analysis of inorganic poison (cations and anions)

-                   Analysis of natural poison ( organic non-volatiles)

-                   Analysis of acidic (organic non-volatiles poisons/drugs).

-                   Analysis of miscellaneous substances.

-                   Instrumental analysis in Toxicology.


iv.)   Forensic Physics Manual:  It gives the procedure for the examination of foot/foot wear/tyres impressions.  

-             Feature of Tool Marks.

-            Examination of Tampered electronic energy meters.

-            Identification of cameras from film negatives.

-            Examination of paint.

-            Examination of identification marks.

-            Examination of glass fragments voice analysis.

-            Examination of soil samples.

-             Examination of concrete.

-            Forensic Fiber Examination.

-            Examination of broken objects.

-            Forensic Examination of Electrical cables/ wires.

-            Forensic Examination of papers.


v.)    Forensic Ballistics Manual:

    This manual contains the genera; procedure for the receipt’ opening, marking, examination and reporting procedures of the Forensic Ballistics exhibits. The examination procedures on the following aspects are contained in the manual alongwith requirements and safety aspects.  The examination procedures have been prescribed for  :-

-       Barrel wash examination.

-       Examination of firearm or parts, thereof manufacturing tool.

-       Examination of firearm, prone to accidental discharge.

-       Identification of firearm type, and model.

-       Examination of firearm, whether its parts tempered with.

-       Restoration of Erased marking on firearm.

-       Examination of ammunition or parts thereof / manufacturing Tools.

-       Identification of ammunition/ parts thereof for type, make, and calibrc.

-       Identification of Bullet/ slug / parts thereof.

-       Identification of shots and pellets.

-       Identification of wads/ wad pieces.

-       Identification of propellant change.

-       Linkage of fired/ misfired cartridge.

-       Linkage of Fired Bullet/ Bullet Fragments with Rifled firearm.

-       Bullets/ Pallets/ wad whether fired or not.

-       Examination of Target involved in shooting.

-       Measurement of wound ballistic parameters.

-       Chemical tests.

-       Test firing.

-       Test specimen.

-       Automatic examination and comparison of fired bullets/ cartridge cases and creation of a national Database.


vi.)     Forensic Document examination Manual: It gives the general principles of identification:  

-       Basis of Handwriting identification.

-       Detection of forgery and fixing the authorship of forged signatures.

-       Examination type-script.

-       Determination of Sequence of strokes in Forensic Document Problems.

-       Examination of other physical evidences like folds and creases, staples; alpin marks etc.

-       Identification of printed matter, computer print-outs and other Mechanical impressions.

-       Examination of credit cards and travel documents.

-       Forensic Examination of writing materials i.e. inks and paper.

-       Indentations, alterations, erasures, additions, substitution and obliteration in Forensic Documents.

-       List of standard reference books and journals in Forensic Documents containing the methods and techniques of analysis as applicable in forensic Documents.  

                       Laboratory Procedure Manuals: For examination of counterfeit or forged currency/ bank 
                       notes and other related exhibits -2004.

                   The instructions for IOs for forwarding of cases.  

-       Report case in the laboratory.

-       Laboratory Examination.

-       Examination of security features.

-       Instrumental techniques.

-       Case opening sheet.

-       Work/observation sheet.

-       Examination report programme.


vii.)  Forensic photography: It is done by Forensic methods published in the  scientific literature Indoor photography for recording the forensic findings in the laboratory and out door photography at the scenes of crime is done to record the forensic evidence present at the SOC.  The negatives of the photographs are taken and preserved in the case files of the laboratory.  The photographs are submitted to the courts of law whenever required.

viii.) DNA Examination Manual: This manual contains the genera,  procedure for the receipt, opening, marking, examination and reporting procedures of the DNA exhibits. The examination procedures on the following aspects are contained in the manual alongwith requirements and safety aspects:

  • DNA isolation from Biospecimen.
  • Quantitation of DNA.
  • STR Typing by Automated DNA sequencer.
  • Mitochondrial DNA Analysis.
  • Y – STR Analysis.
  • Identification of Wildlife Species.
  • Statistical Analysis.
  • Quality Assurance Standards.
  • Reagent Preparation

ix.) Narcotic Drugs & Psychotrophic Substances Manual:

This manual contains the genera,  procedure for the receipt, opening, marking, examination and reporting procedures of the NDPS exhibits. The examination procedures on the following aspects are contained in the manual alongwith requirements and safety aspects

Identification and examination of:-

  • Opium/crude morphine/poppy straw.
  • Diacetyl morphine/Heroin/Smack/Brown Sugar.
  • Cannabis
  • Methaqualone/Mecloqualone.
  • Amphetamines/Methamphetamines.
  • Barbiturates/barbiturate Derivatives.
  • Benzodiazepines.
  • Mescaline.
  • Psilocin/Psilocybin.
  • Lysergide (LSD)
  • Miscellaneous drugs.
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