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The Fire Stations in the state functioned under the control of Municipal Committees till the year 1972, but thereafter the state Govt.  took over the control of fire stations at. various places in the State, as the fire services were generally being run by Municipal Committees/Corporations prior to that. During the succeeding years some  fire stations were opened.  The Himachal  Fire Fighting Services Act came into force in 1984. The act ibid and its amendment are enclosed as Annexure `A` and `B`. There are 22 fire stations in the state a list of which is annexed as annexure `C`.


The prime duty of the organization is to protect life and property from fire. The different functions are as under:-

To prevent / combat fires           

  • Issue of fire safety guide lines.
  • Issue of no objection certificate from fire safety.
  • Fire safety arrangements during public and private  functions.
  • Issue of Fire reports.
  • Organizing fire safety lectures/demonstrations/training/awareness  programme.
  • Provision of standby arrangements.

The organisation works round the clock  as far as the operational duties are concerned  whereas the office hours are from 1000 hrs. to 1700 hrs.

Powers and Duties of Officers  

(i)Director Fire Service:  

The Director Fire Services controls the department of H.P. Fire Services Department.  The superintendence and of the service is vested in him in accordance with the provisions of Himachal Pradesh Fire Fighting Services Act  and rules made thereunder. 

(ii)Chief Fire Officer:

The Chief Fire Officer assists  the Director Fire Services in maintenance and control of the organization.

(iii)Divisional Fire Office/Fire Prevention Officer:

The Divisional Fire Officer is responsible for administrative and operational control of fire stations under his jurisdiction and he reports to Commandant Home Guards. The Fire Prevention Officer is posted in the Directorate and he is responsible for suggesting fire prevention measures in order to safeguard public property against fire.

(iv)Station Fire Officer/Sub Fire Officer:

Station Fire Officer/Sub Fire Officer is responsible for efficient functioning of the fire station in which he is posted and  and he reports to Commandant Home Guards of the  District in which the Fire Station is located.



During fire fighting and rescue operations the officer-in-charge takes all the decisions independently and if required in consultation with his superiors / colleagues for saving Plife and property of   citizens.


All matters related to administration  are sent to Director Fire Services who gets them examined by the Chief Fire Officer. After the matter is put up to him by the Chief Fire Officer, he takes a decision and disposes of the matter as per rules or else if it is not within his powers the matter is referred to the State Government for their decision / directions.


All building plans in respect of buildings of above 15 metres of height, industrial units and commercial establishments dealing with or using explosive and highly inflammable substances require `No Objection Certificate` from Director of Fire Services or Chief Fire Officer on the recommendations of Divisional Fire Officer or Station Fire Officer concerned.  Accordingly all such cases are scrutinized by the Fire Prevention Officer who is incharge of the Fire Prevention Wing established in the office of the Chief Fire Officer and submitted for further action to the Chier Fire Officer.

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