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Topic Name: Economic Development and Environment Protection in a Hill State

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Economic development at the cost of environment is a selfish thought. The need of the hour is a sustainable development. Environment of the hill state is an invaluable possession. Economic development is also necessary for the growth of economy of the state but it can be achieved without disturbing environment. The Government should concentrate on the ways of economic development which are practicable and environment friendly. We can sustain with lower economic growth but not nature anguish.
Economic development and environment both are crucial, without losing one, another cannot be achieved. In present scenario, Government should decide what kind of industries could be set up to get economic development without losing Environment
Economic Development does not merely mean development of industries, all inclusive development is vested in judicious use of natural resources. For the establishment of infrastructure which support economic development, one should consult the research particularly geographer, which sites are best to construct, in the government policies researches are ignored comparatively to the local contractor. Economic development cannot be ignored but meanwhile environment protection is necessary particularly in hill states. Environment is precious resources on the earth. It gives us immense pain that many research scholars have been working well on natural resource management but not any heed is being given to their valuable research, environmental protection is due to judicious use of human and natural resources
The economy of Himachal Pradesh has transformed rapidly from the most backward State of India to one of the advanced State. The pace of such transformation has emerged Himachal Pradesh as a leader in Hill Area Development. Himachal is an ideal destination for investment in Power and Tourism sector. Responsive administration and conducive macroeconomic conditions have induced a competitive environment in the economy of Himachal Pradesh. The economy of the state is expected to achieve a growth rate of 6.2 percent in the current financial year which will be comparatively better than the National.
Economic development and environment protection are the two faces of a single coin, both are important. If we emphasize more on development and ignore the environmental issues then it would be disastrous for a state like Himachal Pradesh due its fragile environment. Therefore it is very important to focus more on sustainable growth. As far as economic development is concerned , it can be achieved without disturbing the environment. Govt. should focus more on Eco friendly economic development schemes like Developing the vast tourism sector of the state and focus more on renewable source of energy like solar and wind. Unplanned and haphazard projects could lead to environment degradation and even lead to large scale devastation. Therefore while granting big projects like hydel and cement plants, the Govt. should analyse thoroughly the effect of these projects on the environment.
No doubt economic development is essential but it should not be at the risk of environment degradation. I agree with Mr. D.D. Sharma that we need to plan a comprehensive planning with due consultation with all other related departments. The Eco friendly economic development is the need of the hour. Not in India but all over the world environment has become major concern for all people, NGOs and other sensitive organisations in view of safeguarding the rich heritage to our coming generations. In Hill state like Himachal the environment concern are more significant because even a small fault can bring drastic and hazardous consequences. More stress is required to boost economy by utilizing the natural resources like water and air. Tourism sector can be boost up by developing better road infrastructure
Economic development is possible without disturbing the nature. God is not partial. He has given each and everyone something special. What we need to do is to recognize that specialty and use the in the best way possible. In spite of giving our lands to companies for cement preparation we could have used those for planting trees. We can improve our agricultural sector very well. There are so many things we can think of.
Both can go hand by hand but requires political will, honest policy making, discipline to follow and accountability. Focus should be on non polluting industries like IT and ITES, Horticulture based, agriculture based, biotech for a State like ours. Industrial policy should have a policy for housing for labour, strict rules for disposal of wastes. Some Cantonments areas like Dalhousie Subathu, Kasuali are still very beautiful and clean but Una, Nahan, Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie towns are garbage ridden. Instead of hydel focus should be on solar power, where India is just using 6 percent. Ropeways the cheapest mode of transportation accepted in the world for tourism as well as for locals travelling hill altitudes instead of road construction.
Economic development and environment protection are though two separate issues but need of the hour is to harmonize these so that with the growth in economic development environment could also be protected and kept preserved for healthy living. We should not destroy our environment and is equally important to that of economic development. This can be achieved only if we use our natural resources judiciously for economic development
Economic development is the sustained, concerted actions of policy makers and communities that promote the standard of living and economic health of a specific area. Economic development can also be referred to as the quantitative and qualitative changes in the economy. Such actions can involve multiple areas including development of human capital, critical infrastructure, regional competitiveness, environmental sustainability, social inclusion, health, safety, literacy, and other initiatives. Economic development differs from economic growth. Whereas economic development is a policy intervention endeavor with aims of economic and social well-being of people, economic growth is a phenomenon of market
Economic development and Environment protection in a Hill state are the most challenging issues. Development is harming the nature in so many ways, one cannot even imagine. All type of pollution is a free gift. To protect environment we need to plant trees as much as we can, minimize the use of polythene products, awareness among the peoples of the state that how we can protect our Hills. Yes it is possible with the participation of one and all. Save hills Save Nature.
Economic development simply means economic level of residents of a particular region. As economic development needs to be distinguish from that of environmental issues as one can easily say that both are directly proportional to each other, which in actual is not. Awareness needs to spread among residents, entrepreneurs to get their goal done without messing up with environment as everybody goes for an easy solutions, say why need for water treatment when there are rivers available or so. Strict Implementations of norms related to waste, air pollutants needs to be ensured at all levels.
Economic Development at the cost of environment is not sustainable solution. State Government has to find out a way where in both the pillars of growth exits to their maximum in our state. Implementation of existing laws strictly is one way and other way would be to not compromising with environment at any cost. Usage of barren land for economic development should be encouraged. Himachal is loosing its beauty and it is high time to think about it.
The state has ample opportunities of cash crops. But now the farmers are not growing these crops because of the terror of the monkeys. The fields are converting to grass land. The farmers are shifting to cities to earn their living. For economic development in the State the Government has to take certain hard steps to get rid of these monkeys so that the farmers can produce more in the fields. This will also reduce the inflation of fruits, vegetables and other grains resulting in sustainable economic development. Otherwise the money invested through MGNREGA, WATERSHED and many such other schemes will be wasteful. The forests are destroyed by fire year by year because of this underground water level in the hills is going down. The rivers and streams are drying up day by day. We have to take certain steps to increase the underground water level also. One such step is MGNREGA DHARA VIKAS PROGRAMME.
Economic development does not mean building concrete jungle. Instead the need of the hour is to increase forest cover of the state. The pity state of natural flowing KUHALS is of concern. The ecologically fragile Himachal cannot afford any compromise with its environment at any cost
The environment preservation in the state of Himachal has been a big issue specially disposal of bio medical waste, used lubrication oil from industries, solid waste from towns. There are plants and can be installed and lot of recycling can be possible and it can add to economy of the state. I was looking at the data of the pollution control board as per reports 1800000 liters of used lubrication oil is generated from various industries and automobile workshops. This lubrication oil can be recycled and oil can be recovered, which will boost the economy of the State. There are technologies available in India for this. If Government support this programme a lot can be saved
Economic development by exploiting nature may seem alluring and benefit reaping in the short term but long term economic development is only possible if we work in symbiosis with environment. The two concepts are interrelated and not contradictory. Our environment is the biggest asset and we need to adopt methods to carry on economic development without harming the natural setting otherwise the costs we would have to pay will outgrow all the economic development
Ripple effects of globalization are varied ranging from cultural degradation to the fear of loss of environment in Himachal Pradesh. Internalization created many opportunities along with, challenges. It is crucial for the small states like Himachal Pradesh to design efficient destination managements systems to compete with international market with equal footing. It is however firmly believed that adoption of Information Technology will facilitate traditional system to be gradually integrated with the digital economy. A long-term sustainable economy cannot be developed without Government support and cooperation. Our state should develop an ICT environment, which involves multiple factors like access, infrastructure, education, capacity building, legal framework etc. for a promotion of ICT enabled economy. There is a need for better public and private partnership to be established in the state for ICT development
We should increase more food and fruits processing unit in the state. There should be radiation treatment plant for tomato and apple somewhere near Solan. There is vast barren land in lower parts of Shivalik hills in Hamirpur, Una, Kangra and Sandhol tehsil of Mandi, where quality varieties of mango and citrus fruits could be produced. We need to develop active nurseries of these fruits. It does not cost much. Some parts of state experience heavy rains during monsoon and drought in summer. If we build small barrage on some rivers, it could bring tremendous prosperity in those droughty area. MNREGA scheme can be channelized to create such resources. These endeavors will lead to economic development in our hilly region along with sustained environmental conditions
When State have nothing then its environment is good for the people of the State. In a hill State, economic development is mainly dependent on tourism. In hill State IT, BPO, are good sources for economic development. On the other hand industrialization are important for employment for the people of the State, but it loose its carbon credits which is harmful for the economic development of the country
Economic development is very crucial in Hill State to generate Employment and Environment is critical part of our culture. We have to work on this collectively so that we can preserve our Environment and by taking the advantage of Global Economy we can Achieve Economic Development
Development at the cost of environment is a suicidal act for human species itself. Development should be in harmony with nature, is an age old concept in India. And in this era of cut-throat competition, there is much more need for adoption and publicity of such concepts and principles because they are not only reliable and desi but also time tested
Economic development is crucial to fulfill basic needs of growing population of the developing countries. World would be better off, if all Nations adhere to environment rules. Equal application of strict environment policies would create huge barriers to economic progress. World is losing more than they are gaining from uncontrolled industrialization. China is a perfect example. Twenty years of uncontrolled economic development has created serious chronic and water pollution. This in turn has resulted in health problems and also farmers have lost millions of dollars per annum by drastic drop in agriculture products. At the end I, would like to convey that though economic development is essential for sustained growth and maintain decent living standards of the citizen of the country but not at the cost of environment. Hence we need to protect our forests, surroundings, rivers, ponds, hill features and flora and fauna for our future generations
Presently global warming is at alarming situation. Day by day earth temperature is rising by 2-3 degrees centigrate per year. Without economic development every one can survive but in adverse environmental conditions, I think no one can survive even small species of the earth. Everything is in front of us we all hear the temperature of Jalandhar and New Delhi is touching 48 degree centigrate in summer. Naturally the day by day green area is reduced and concrete buildings are standing in the place of forests on the name of economic development. These days Government built four lane roads by cutting thousands of trees but before cutting these trees new trees should be grown up, as today planted tree does not give fruits same day, it will take five to seven years to contribute to environment, so as it can balance the environment. Otherwise everything is in front of us. So we have to think about sustainable development
Economic Development and Environment Protection are closely related with one another particularly in context with hill states like Himachal. We cannot sacrifice our Forests, Rivers, Streams and Mountains for the sake of Economic development, which can be achieved by other means also. Himachal can achieve high Economic Development by focusing on Tourism and Adventure Sports etc. Switzerland and New Zealand are few Examples of High Economic Development with Protected Environment
Today major issues are environmental protection for our future and economic development for present. It is the point of interest that how Government will decide to go. A sustainable economic growth can be achieved by without disturbing the nature and building up the eco friendly industries for the growth. There are a lot of sources in Himachal Pradesh depending upon its geography to which we can change to enhance our economic wealth like Water for Hydro Power, Mineral Wealth, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Milk and its Products. Utilization of abundant natural sources and resources renewable energy sources which will provide eco friendly environment and help in self employment which ultimately achieve the economic growth
Only and only agriculture development can improve the economy of the State. Please provide more and more agriculture education institutes to get higher education in this field. Why government is providing engineering education more than it
Himachal is a state with geographical diversities. We have hills, forests as well as plane areas also. For sustainable development along with environment protection we have to develop our state without disturbing its natural beauty. We have to promote tourism, hydro projects and solar energy projects in the hilly areas where as in those areas which are nearer to big cities and where transportation is good, we have to promote industrial growth. This can be achieved by inviting corporate investment by offering good investment friendly environment, by attending different business enclave held at different places from time to time and telling the investors about the resources available with us
Economic development cannot be denied but not at the cost of environment. Our state is bestowed with natural resources which are to be tapped for the economic development. The resources like water, forests, flora and fauna which are having unique qualities are found in our state. The State Government has to focus on maximum utilization of water resources for generation of hydro electric power, because power generation is directly proportional to economic development. The awareness programmes at grass-root level should be organized to educate the public about importance of natural resources and their importance on harnessing and maintaining these resources by planting and taking care of trees and plants of these unique qualities. In this way the objective of sustainable development the mantra for survival on this planet can be fulfilled
Time has come when our policy makers should think of Gross Domestic Happiness instead of Gross Domestic Production. Ours is a hill state having fragile strata and tender environment, we should keep pace of development within the permissible limit of ecosystem. India is a agriculture based economy, so we should go for safe and environment friendly cultivation. Economic development never means development of industries only, there can be development in primary sector and tourism which has lot of scope in Himachal Pradesh
In my opinion economic development can be achieved without disturbing environment. Apart from giving boost to tourism, hydel power projects and solar energy project, fruit production should also be promoted in the State as per the geographical conditions. Further only such entrepreneurs should be allowed to establish industries in the State, who are also seriously concerned about the environment