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Topic Name: Promotion of Tourism for the Benefit of Tourists and Local Population

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Himachal Pradesh is full of nature. People really the foreigner consider it the land of miracle. But due to geographic conditions we can not make its optimum use for tourism. If atithi devo bhava can be maintained properly and develop the tourist places, then it can prove and play vital role in State economy. Besides it the involvement of the local people should be allowed to promote tourism in the State.
Man has always been crazy and curious to explore some thing new. Tourism has helped him to fulfill his curiosities and also to enhance his knowledge in addition to refreshing him. Now a days when escapism has grabbed the materialistic man tourism helped him to get fresh and to continue his working without worries. This has emerged as industry in many States and the Country. Himachal Pradesh has good scope of tourism promotion because of its natural charm and beauty. Tourism has also emerged as one of the most commonly used source of employment. It provides opportunities of employment in the form of guide, potters, hoteliers, Dhaba holders transporters etc.
Please stop experimenting generalist experiments that merely create hype and nothing on revenue generation. Engage a task force comprising professionals in the field who can come out with a specific roadmap with tentative estimation of costs and benefits to state exchequer and private enterprise. All weather quality roads with proper slopes and drainage are a prerequisite for tourism development. This must be done under PPP model so that the investment is rewarded for continuous maintenance. Govt. must identify and lease out land in open bid for a fixed tenure around all main tourist destinations so that tourist amusement parks with cultural exposure like Chokhi Dhani of Rajsthan. Rest and refreshing rooms with tea and coffee provision on midway road of tourist destination under PPP model will also help improving tourism services. The policy also needs to be segregated for different classes of tourists, duration of visit, services, and regions. Direct as well as indirect costs and benefits to the state exchequer and private enterprise must be assessed scientifically to modify the strategy with changing time. Public enterprises merely cater to themselves hence replaced by PPP model world wide and also by the Central Government.
HP is the Sate of opportunities and only reason for lacking, is that we are not using our resources up to maximum level. Tourism is the most important sector of the State. Govt. should take important steps to boost this sector which will help not only the Govt. but the people of the State. Facilities like transportation and hotel sector can be improved so that tourist can turn to this land. This is the land of Gods. Up gradation of temples and there cleanliness can also be the key factor for improving tourism. So many things can be done to increase the tourism in the State.
Himachal is State where tourism is one of the major sources of income. Local youths especially tribes must be given training on various activities such as hotel management, handicrafts, taxi operation, gliding and skiing, same time they must also be visualized about protection of environment. They can work as guides for tourist to check pollution. If tourist gets clean environment, he will like to visit again and again. Government is doing utmost but public has to co-operate to keep pollution free flora and fauna. Deodar trees are ornament of hills, tourist gets stress released by just glancing at these trees. Old heritage building must be restored. We like to visit Switzerland again and again because of cleanliness but we can make Switzerland here also. So undoubtedly promotion of tourism will benefit both tourist as well as local population.
There is a great need of broad gauge railway connectivity to the religious places in Himachal, especially Jawalaji, Chintpurni, Brijeshwari temples. This will promote religious tourism.
It is very necessary to improve basic infrastructure such as better roads, good hotels and new tourist destinations.
There is lack of good railway network in the State, aleast the broad gauge railway track should be there till Kangra or Jogindernagar. It should be connected to capital of our country, then only influx of tourist will increased and will benefit the State and people.
Himachal has the potential in the tourism sector. It can be explored in the interest of the unemployed youth of the state by affording them the opportunity. Although Govt. has many schemes to promote this sector but major problem is the availability of the suitable land to start the activities. I think Govt. should provide land to the individual or society or group of people on lease basis. In case the tourism business achieves the purpose it can be sold to them on affordable rates. Govt. may think over it.Thanks.
Himachal Pradesh is a state which is very close to the nature. It is also known as Land of God. It has many beautiful places like Shimla, Manali, Lahul Spati etc. So in order to develop tourism we should try to develop village tourism along with Farm tourism with some in built activities. Try to keep it simple, as simplicity has its own beauty.
No doubt, Himachal is one of the most popular tourist destinations for domestic as well as for international tourist. The destination fully packed with its natural sources as well as strong culture. But still the tourism centralized only just few places. To promote the tourism we have need to develop the infrastructure in local level. Hence, the importance of planning tourism at the local level is gaining prominence. There has been a focus shift from top-down to bottom-up approach in tourism planning. We have need to aware the peoples how tourism can benefit for them. Creating tourism awareness, infra-structural development, visitor services management, sensitization tourism consumers and service providers, narrowing down ofeconomic imbalances, developing attractions, resorts, etc. all form a part of tourism planning. Constant interaction and coordination between the public and private sectors leads to better planning.
Himachal is bestoed with vast natrual beauty we have one of most rich natural and cultural heritage but are still unexplored therfore we firstly reqire vast manpower best transport and others infrastructure facilities moreover govt support is outmost important.
As the best way to maximize the positive impacts of tourism and minimize the negative ones, Responsible Tourism (RT) is gaining wide acceptance across the world today. Pioneering the concept of RT in India is Kerala. Kumarakom, in the State, has the pride of being the first place on the country to have successfully implemented RT. This holistic form of tourism is helping travelers, the host population and the trade derives the greatest possible benefits from tourism, without causing any ecological or social damage. What is perhaps more remarkable is the fact that RT is providing better living conditions for the local community.
Nature has definitely blessed Himachal Pradesh with all colour of its beauty. In my opinion for the promotion of tourism for the benefit of tourists and local population, first of all action should be initiated for improving the conditions of Roads/ Transportation Network. All such areas though are naturally very beautiful, due to lack of good roads/ transportation facilities, hardly benefits the tourists as well as local of that particular area.
Himachal Pradesh is a very holy and hilly state which is very close to the nature. It is most appereciable step of Government of Himachal to ban the plastic, but still it is in use. Places like Manali, Kullu, Spiti, Shah Talai should be given more attention for their development.
Tourism is the major revenue earning industry of the State. There is a tremendous scope of improvement in following areas 1. Connectivity through railways (Broad guage, conversion of narrow guage to broad guage 2. Increasing luxury level in Bus services i.e. Introduce Air Suspension from major cities 3. Cleanliness, drainage system and well organised local transport at Tourist spots.
Tourism is the major sector of investment for earning foreign exchange and uplifting the status of any state and local population. The new areas which has not been explored should be given emphasis for development. The areas in higher reaches are unexplored like Nichar, Bhaba, Rupi, Miru, Yula can be added for the development of rural tourism for the benefit of the local population.
As we know our State is known as the Land of God, it has many tourist spot and but due to lack of road facilities the unseen beautiful spots are still far-flung from the government glance. Through this discussion I must want to say that Govt, should make attention on such hidden places, this will also produce the source of employment and the poverty may be eradicated.
In order to develop the tourism sector in Himachal Pradesh, it is important that basic infrastructure should be improved like roads, hotels, parking facilities. Rraffic problems must be addressed. It is important to give more preference to religious tourism.
Himachal is a place which has been aboded by the God and we all are the offspring of Him and luckily enjoying the enchanting beauty of Himalayas. If we are seriously concern with the concerns of people of the State then we should learn from Switzerland, Costa Rica, Germany and other western countries who are concentrating on the development of tourism along with their development priorities, but in HP we are just giving priority to development and altogether ignoring other aspects. This crazy sort of thought where local people has no say in any policy formation as well as implementation (say in implementation is only a legal provision, but there is no say in real sense and even elected members of Panchayats are not free to take any decision). In such type of environment, if we are thinking to benefit the poor and local people where the possibilities of development of tourism is there, then we have to change the policies and we should concentrate on Benefit Sharing Participatory Model (BSPM) of development and this model of mine would be an answer to existing lobbyist pressurized model of development.
Although God has blessed our lovely state with such wide variety of flora and fauna, but till date we have not been able to capitalize on this treasure properly. Rather we have degraded the beauty of the state because of rampant construction and cutting trees. The need of the hour is sustainable development just like Bhutan and Japan. Taking ideas from other countries is not enough but the real step will only be taken if the execution of the ideas is done effectively. There is no one to take stock of plight of different tourist destinations which still provide age old facilities. I think we have to stand out in terms of the services we provide to attract valuable tourists. Hoping for an early welcome change in this regard.
Himachal has been a tourist destination since long for domestic as well as foreign tourists. While we always talk about promotion of tourism we often forget to mention the hindrances which are of serious nature. In my opinion we must first clean up our own system. Any one visiting from outside, when lands at foothills finds himself surrounded with so many people trying to offer services at much higher prices like taxi, hotel, local tours etc. A much more transparent system needs to be in place, cases of frauds and cheating needs to be dealt with severely for which we need our information system to be more prolific. Tourist information centers needs to be put up at most accessible points, tourist guides, porters, taxis and accommodations needs to be reasonably qualitative. Himachal has much more to offer to all visitors in terms of tourism which in turn will always benefit the local population.
Tourism can contribute a lot in boosting the economy of the state. But there is the need to market it smartly, especially when the neighboring states are vying by providing attractive packages to the tourists. It is essential to market the beauty of the State by highlighting its famous tourist spots, snow clad mountains, waterfalls, lakes, perennial rivers, trekking routes, apple orchards, floriculture, international fairs and festivals, traditional dance performances and rich cultural heritage
To make any activity successful, its self sustainability is one of the key factors to be successful. Being rich in natural beauty and it being in the lower Himalayas it attracts tourists from all across the world. Though the government is creating infrastructure in terms of airports and roads but facilities like accommodation, transport, guides etc are being provided by the non government sectors. Sensitizing the local population about the pros and cons of tourist activity at a particular destination is very important in order to check the erosion of the natural resources resulting in decline in the inflow of tourists. To be responsible stakeholders the local population should be encouraged to engage to activities like providing accommodation in the form of home stays, guest houses or small hotels, transport, guiding activity etc. This will result in interest taken by local population to preserve their destination so as they benefit financially for a longer term. Tourist on the other hand will also benefit with the involvement of local population as their will be less crimes against visiting tourists. Tourists will experience more warmth and will result in visiting the destination again. Also a seasoned traveler will feel more content as he will see himself contributing to local economy.
In real mean himachal is the land of peace and love. Visitors really enjoy its unique beauty, but some of the most beautiful places are hidden in real sense for example Masroor, Nurpur, Shivbadi near Amb. Another thing that needs to improve by the government as well as people of the state and that is the law of no smoking in public places, transportation, behavior of guides towards tourists, ban use of polythene in the state. Highlight the natural beauty of Lahaul and Spiti, Pangi, Kinnaur by advertisements through television, just like North East states, Gujrat, Kerala and Uttrakhand.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever. But, today the real joy will be realised when we will create more resources to sustain the scenario of tourism in the State. At present, only famous places have attention of tourists, however there are so many more enchanting places, which can be the hub of tourism for local and tourists as well. Attention and contribution from the government will be the welcome step towards this. Jai Dev Bhoomi.
Tourism industry in Himachal has a huge potential. Tourism is always a big contributor for the growth of the country/state. State Government should have a task force in place to identify opportunities and areas for improvement. There are areas which are still unexplored due to inadequate infrastructure. State Government should have a five year plan in place for the development and promotion of tourism.
We need to promote offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Tourism development brings money to the region and also forces improvement of local facilities like roads and water supplies. These two things together can easily help to develop the infrastructure of an area. Tourism can create new recreational or entertainment facilities, health systems, restaurants or public spaces. The longer that tourism thrives in the area, the more improvements that will be made.
A number of tourist come for resorting in Himachal Pradesh. Greenery is the key to develop the tourism. It also solves the problem of pollution and also is a part of of attraction. So please make policies for green forest in Himachal Pradesh before doing anything else.
I think that there a huge scope of attracting tourists in Himachal Pradesh. I suggest some of the measures to be taken care. 1. Development of road network at par with the neighbouring Punjab and Haryana states. 2. Creating awareness in the local residents, how they can be benefited by tourism? 3. Providing other necessary infrastructure in the villages, places of tourist attractions should be provided with all amenities like hotels, parks, street lights, sewerage/drainage system etc.
Himachal is one of the most beautiful states in India with a rich culture and diversity. With a natural advantage, tourism can be easily promoted in the region creating a vibrant economy and jobs. But I think this should be done in a sustainable manner without impacting the natural beauty which is the basis for tourism. Our aim should be to preserve the beauty of Himachal and share it with others and not convert it into a concrete jungle full of hotels and resorts.
As we know our State is known as the Land of God, it has many tourist spot but due to lack of road facilities, the unseen beautiful spots are still far-flung from the tourist glance. Through this discussion I must say that Government should make attention on such hidden places, for tourism point and including supporting infrastructure like parking facility, garden, park, zoo etc. This will also produce the source of employment for local people.
As a matter of fact Himachal is blessed with the natural beauty. Now question arises how to optimally utilize it for the welfare of local people and the Nation. According to me the connectivity (by any mode of transport such as road, rail, air transport) to other states and with in state has to be improved in a timely and phased manner first. Once that is achieved government need to overhaul the entire tourism department and should bring in young professionals to vitalize the whole system and bring in fresh thinking.
Tourism income plays significant role in the total income of any state or country. It is very much necessary to promote the tourism according to the potential of particular tourist destination. For promoting any tourist destination state governments should come forward for the same. Any promotion activity is always beneficial to the tourists as well as for the local community. Promotion always helps as guide to the tourists and on the other side, income source for the local population. Government should engage hospitality professionals to promote the different tourist products and tourism awareness programmes.
In my opinion, if we could develop and make a circuit for gompas of Chamba district. Lot of tourist from out side will come and our rural people could improve their income. In chamba we have gompas at Jassurgarh, Bhanodi, Sural, Bhatori, Hudan, Chask and so on. Chamba has potential of religious tourism at Bharmour, Manimahesh yatra, Sahu Chander Shekher temple, Devi Kothi village, Minjar mela, Suhi Jatar, Chamunda mela, trekking, adventure tourism and water sports etc. By this way promotion of tourism in rural areas will give benefit to local population, and revenue to state government.
There should be proper and strong tourism infrastructure and second thing is that there should be good accessibility to get the destination having good road link, air link and railway with in and outside of State. Publicity regarding each tourist destination which are yet unexplored avoiding the busy hill station crowd tourist should move toward village tourism in which they can get introduced with local people tradition and folk to make each villager self sufficient in term of hospitality and management. There should be awareness programmes regarding tourism promotion to local people.
Tourism is avenue restricted to some targeted areas of the geography. Every area cannot be a tourist hub predominantly due to either its location or its failure to attract the people due to lack of the beauty or aesthetics that are worth attraction. Himachal is one of the regions of the globe that contains unique mixture of regional, cultural, social, religious and aesthetic variations. Predominantly tourism needs to be promoted but on ecological lines. Due to excessive tourism infiltration though state may be able to earn revenue but on a long scale strict implementation of norms pertaining to violation of environmental regulations must be forced upon. Profits can never be at the cost of poison in terms of pollution, or waste. Local people must be made the stewards to promote the sense of awareness and government must emphasize formation of local tourism groups. This will ensure sense of ownership over the resources and pride in serving the state. Local people can better be made ambassadors of their own area due to availability of knowledge about the area and its endemic resources. This in turn shall also prevent the misuse of the traditional knowledge to a great extent.
Himachal is State where tourism is one of the major sources of income. Himachal Pradesh is a state which is very close to the nature. It is also known as Land of God. There is lack of good railway network in the State. But I think this should be done in a sustainable manner without impacting the natural beauty which is the basis for tourism. Our aim should be to preserve the beauty of Himachal and share it with others and not convert it into a concrete jungle full of hotels and resorts. I agree with Pritika views.
No doubt every Himachali feels like he or she lives in heaven. Kangra Fort is such a beautiful palace but is ruining day by day just because of negligence, although we can use that as is done in Jaipur City Palace. When we enter Himachal from Punjab there is a very beautiful fort about 4 kms. from Swarghat towards Bilaspur. It is situated on top of a hill and is very beautiful. I think few people even know about that, but that fort is situated at a very beautiful place from where we can see parts of Punjab and heavenly view of Satluj River and Bilaspur town. Big hordings which make tourists feel that, now they are in eco friendly clean and green Himachal. Use what you are doing in Himachal, to keep it clean and green. There is no promotional advertisement do make one.
India is a large country with a rich history. The presence of this history is seen in the innumerable heritage sites available throughout the country. India also has a rich religious diversity and history. Almost every town and village is dotted with incredible architectures of ancient past. There are innumerable hills, mountains, rivers, lakes that offer tremendous tourism possibilities. Add to this the need for modern amusement parks, water parks and theme parks. And combine the wide variety of handicrafts and other crafts.
High End tourism and village tourism should go together as part of State Tourism policy. High end, we need investments to strengthen the state economy and village tourism, the local native Himachali shall be benefited. We must have a government guided incentive for village tourism promotions. There is no loan scheme for the village tourism prospectus so far guest houses are concerned. Infrastructure like roads must be taken as top priority and the the State has no rail network and we do not have enough land for the required Airport establishments. Small Helipads can be an idea but it does not cater to the large numbers of tourists and such developments become mockery in the times to come. Medical education and higher education concepts could be incorporated in the state plans linking it up with the future prospectus of neo tourism.
Tourism is a big employment generating industry to a Country, State or Local population. But in order to promote tourism, we should develop basic infrastructure. Development of important sources of infrastructure like means of communication, transport, power, good hospitably, well planned parking etc. are a pre-requisite for successful promotion of tourism industry. Tourism industry have circular economic effect on the local population.